China will become an important base for the development of the LED industry. CLSA pointed out that the Chinese market is swallowing LED demand. According to data from equipment manufacturers, China has expanded MOCVD. Recently, 30-40% of new MOCVD machines are from China. It is estimated that China will account for 7% of the global LED supply chain by 2011.

In terms of market, Lyon pointed out that China is already the world's largest LED outdoor lighting market. In 2009 alone, there were 104 cities and 250,000 LED street lamps illuminating the streets, accounting for 42% of the global LED lighting market. It will grow to 400,000, accounting for 46% of the global lighting market.

In terms of LED backlights, the penetration rate of LED TV backlights is about 23~25% this year. Next year, it will grow to 60~66%, and will reach 81% by the end of next year.

China's huge market, local customers and government support have attracted Taiwanese companies to the west, but it is not a big sky after the westward. In the case of China's recent speculation in the LED streetlights, the chairman of Jingdian, Li Bingjie pointed out The "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" plan still does not see any benefits. In addition, China has not yet announced the Led Street Light standards. After the standard announcement, it will take only one or two years to start construction.

Li Bingjie also pointed out that it is not particularly necessary to produce in China due to the characteristics of LED chip products. However, based on China's "domestic policy", Taiwan's Epijing plant will not indirectly support the opponents; the industry also believes that in order to reduce LED costs Drive the penetration rate and LED to move to China to become the only way to produce.

Lei Jing engineers have also become a headache for major manufacturers. The industry insiders pointed out that in Taiwan, factories are trying to attract talents, not to mention finding talents who can operate MOCVD in China. Therefore, recent incidents of digging corners are not only friends. The Group’s Ronda’s rush to grab the neighboring plant’s talents is a rumor that the Chinese factory has grabbed the crystal engineer.

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