Cree has introduced the new XLamp ML-E LED, which enhances the performance standards of low-power LED devices and provides lighting designers with a compact and affordable distributed LED array solution.

The XLamp ML-E package is small, low-cost, feature-rich and comprehensive, with a cool white (5000K) luminous flux of up to 58 lm at 150 mA drive current and a warm white (3000K) luminous flux of up to 48 lm. The ML-E will provide tightly controlled chromaticity spatial uniformity with a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees, optimized for distributed lighting applications. The XLamp ML-E also features ANSI-compliant color binning that delivers industry-leading color discrimination, efficacy, thermal resistance and long-term reliability, all of which meet the ENERGY STAR requirements for luminaires and bulbs. .

According to Cree LED component stakeholders, ML-E provides a simple and affordable solution for lighting design, meeting the needs of most of the solid-state lighting market when developing fluorescent tube replacement lighting applications.

Samples are now available for XLamp ML-E LEDs and are available for volume production under normal lead times.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture:

The semi-feeding harvester can complete the harvesting, delamination, separation of stems, removal of sundries and other processes at one time, and the Rice Harvester machine for obtaining grain directly from the field is mainly suitable for rice harvesting, wheat harvesting, and this reaper machine can adapt to deep mud feet. Under the serious harvest conditions, the grain cleanliness after harvest is very high, and at the same time, the stem integrity after harvest can be guaranteed, so that farmers can complete harvesting and granulation with a single operation, thus saving manpower and material resources and greatly reducing the burden of farmers.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture02

Semi-harvester for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Size: 3650*1800*1820 (mm)

2. Weight: 1480KG

3. Engine Fuel: Diesel

4. Harvest numbers line: 3

5. Harvesting width: 1200 (mm)

6. Cutting height range: 50-150 (mm)

7. Threshing depth control system: Manually

8. Adaptation crop height: 650-1200 (mm)

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Semi-harvester for Agriculture

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