In January of this year, the first batch of 8 national standards in the domestic LED industry was released by the national semiconductor lighting electronics industry. After more than half a year, it has been regarded as a national standard for purifying the LED market environment and promoting industry reshuffle, and has not significantly changed the status of LED quality.

"In Zhongshan, LED chips of 1 yuan and 1 grain can be seen everywhere. The poor quality of LEDs makes entrepreneurs have a headache!" said Wu Yulin, president of Foshan Lighting Association.

The company closed down and sounded the industry alarm

In May 2010, as the general manager of Kaisio Lighting Co., Wu Yulin was excited about receiving a new LED light export from a German company, he was surprised by an unexpected event.

When Wu Yulin's company signed an agreement with Shenzhen Boxiang Photoelectric Co., Ltd., the latter provided the former with a total of 15,390 LED lights. But when it arrived, there was an accident. “The product qualification rate is only 20%.” Shenzhen Boxiang is required to return immediately. Bo Xiang delayed more than a month before replying: the company went bankrupt and the boss ran.

After investigation, the collapse of Boxiang Optoelectronics is related to the poor quality of its LEDs and the large-scale return. In the domestic LED enterprise products lack of standard supervision, quality mixed with low-cost competition, seriously affecting the healthy development of the entire industry.

8 national standards are difficult to stop the "inferior quality" flood

At present, the price of LED lamps is 4 to 5 times that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. Almost everyone in the industry realizes that if LED can reduce the cost to the level of general energy-saving lamps and extend to more applications, then LED will become the absolute dominant in the entire lighting market.

"But you are now buying a LED package chip for 1 yuan in the market in Shenzhen and Zhongshan. The price is absolutely low." Wu Yulin said that this is completely shoddy. The same one hundred lumens per watt of a chip American Cree company sells 1.6 dollars.

In this regard, Li Cheng, deputy director of the Optoelectronics Engineering Technology R&D Center of Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said that some manufacturers have advertised the efficacy of LED particles, in fact, in the case of increased power, the LED lights are brighter, but Seriously affected the life of LED products. These practices have a bad influence on the reputation of the entire industry.

The market is caught in the "low price competition" cycle

In sync with the market chaos, many traditional light source companies in Foshan have jumped into the LED wave. The data shows that there are currently more than 230 companies engaged in LED production in Foshan. However, under the trend that LED has become the dominant market in the future, some downstream lighting companies in the industrial chain are rushing to switch to LED embrace.

“Many downstream companies have turned LED chips into luminaires and become LED companies.” Li Cheng believes that most of the companies that are switching to the downstream application design chain lack their own LED core technology.

Wu Yulin is worried that in the absence of core technology and unstable quality, the blind entry into the LED field under the condition that the domestic market is not fully opened will cause the industry to fall into a vicious circle of “low-price competition”.

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