I. Application Background In recent years, with the large-scale investment of the state in the construction of highway transportation infrastructure, the national road traffic network has been continuously expanded, and the road traffic environment and conditions have been significantly upgraded. On the other hand, with the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly. According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of 2009, the number of motor vehicles in the country has exceeded 186 million, and the number of motorists in the country is close to 200 million. Such a large number of motor vehicles will undoubtedly greatly increase the workload of the traffic management department. It is based on this status quo that the intelligent road monitoring system called “Electronic Police” has emerged, which has greatly alleviated this problem. The various industrial computer independently developed by North China Industrial Control has provided a mature solution for video electronic police. Due to its reasonable price and high reliability, it has been widely used in various intelligent road monitoring systems.

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North China Industrial Control BIS-6591 fanless industrial control machine is the latest member of this series of products, can be applied to traffic lights violation monitoring, highway overspeed monitoring, security card violation monitoring, road traffic flow real-time monitoring and other fields.

Second, the system requirements Consider the application engineering environment is special, the intelligent monitoring system needs to be exposed to dust, high temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic interference and other harsh environments, long-term, uninterrupted and stable operation. The industrial computer with no fan, compact structure, low power consumption and long-term uninterrupted operation can achieve stable, reliable and long-term operation of the whole system. Based on the North China Industrial Control BIS-6591, with the customized "electronic police" intelligent identification software, the system can achieve the following functions:

Overspeed detection
2. Speed ​​capture
3. Red light detection and capture
4. Automatic license plate recognition

Third, the solution In addition to capturing red light or speeding vehicles, this program can also record and identify the license plate number of passing vehicles, and compare with the vehicle database, find suspicious vehicles in real time, with 24 hours of uninterrupted automatic operation, high efficiency and reduction Human disturbance factors in the process of law enforcement. The system plays a significant role in ensuring traffic safety, regulating driving awareness, curbing red light, speeding and other violations, and combating theft of vehicles. It is a new generation system that replaces the traditional electronic police system using video storage and manual identification technology.

The working principle is as follows:

The traffic light detection board can recognize the status of the traffic light at the intersection and transmit the identification result to the BIS-6591 industrial computer through the serial port. According to the implementation environment, the detection and identification of the vehicle can select the vehicle induction detection technology such as coil buried induction technology, radar positioning system technology and microwave detection technology, and sense the incoming and outgoing vehicles, and transmit them to the BIS-6591 industrial computer through serial communication. .

The BIS-6591 provides two sets of PCI slots for external two video capture cards. Each video capture card can be connected to a panoramic camera, three sets of close-up cameras, north-south and east-west directions to meet the monitoring needs of a single intersection. The camera's data is transmitted to the BIS-6591 via the PCI slot via the video capture card. The intelligent program running on BIS-6591 analyzes the received traffic light detection signal and the vehicle detection serial port signal to determine whether the vehicle is wearing a red light, whether it is overspeed, and whether it is traveling backwards. If the vehicle violates the regulations, the illegal vehicle will be photographed in real time.

The VGA and DVI interfaces integrated in the BIS-6591 can be connected to two sets of interface display devices at the same time, which is convenient for technicians and system administrators to maintain and identify the system. A network interface that enables real-time data transfer between data and back-end control center servers. Built-in 1 CompactFlash card slot and a 2.5-inch hard disk card slot, you can easily build a variety of custom operating systems, and also real-time data local storage in the poor communication with the back-end control center server, for system security and stability The operation provides a hardware foundation.

Figure 1 Single intersection system design

The BIS-6591 is an industrial-grade fanless embedded computer with a large ice-wing shell that is compact and beautiful, making it easy to embed and connect to a variety of devices. Based on the Intel 945GSE+ ICH7M chipset, the onboard Intel Atom N270 processor supports up to 2GB of DDRII400/533MHz memory. Support DVI, VGA display output, with 2 com interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, 1 network interface, built-in 1 PCI slot, maximum expandable connection of 2 PCI devices. BIS-6591 has the advantages of stable and reliable industrial grade products, and is suitable for applications such as electronic capture and video surveillance.

Features â—† Compact and beautiful fanless large ice-wing shell â—† Based on Intel 945GSE+ ICH7M chipset, onboard Intel Atom N270 processor â—† 1 DDRII SO-DIMM slot, up to 2GB DDRII400/533MHz memory â—† 2 COM, 2 USB2.0, built-in CF slot, 2 SATAII interfaces â—† Support for wall mounting

Fourth, the advantage â—† using industrial grade board, and has two PCI slots, with good reliability and stability

â—† Fanless compact structure, stable operation in dusty and other harsh environments

â—† powerful processing capabilities to handle a variety of complex content operations

â—† Rich interface, support for extended operation, easy integration, easy maintenance

◆ Wide working temperature, long-term and uninterrupted work indoors and outdoors from -20 °C to 60 °C

V. Systematic Evaluation As one of the leading manufacturers of the embedded industrial computer industry, North China Industrial Control fully takes into account the various harsh environments that may be encountered during the operation of the road traffic monitoring system. With years of experience in industrial motherboards and superb industrial design, And formed a complete product line for the electronic police monitoring system industry. After the launch of the BIS-6591 market, it has won wide attention in the intelligent transportation industry, the introduction of the latest fan-free concept, and compact exterior design, patented ice-wing exclusive structure, superior heat dissipation performance, and rich peripheral ports for various The intervention of terminal equipment provides the possibility to provide intelligent transportation integrators with convenience.

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