Taihang Guangbao Branch (2301) President Lin Xingxian said recently that the polysilicon plant jointly established by Guangbao Branch and Sino-US Crystal in Russia will be mass-produced as soon as possible in September, and hopes that the price of polysilicon will be increased from the current price per kilogram. $40 is reduced to $15.

In addition, Guangbao Branch has made new progress in the mainland. Guangxi Beihai Plant is the second green energy base established by Guangbao Branch in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters. Guangbao has invested more than US$96 million. The amount of future investment will continue to expand.

Lin Xingxian said that in addition to the continued expansion of the Jianxing Beihai Plant in the future, in line with market demand, it is also actively investing in new energy, new light sources and power storage.

Guangbao Branch's one-stop green energy supply chain, from upstream to downstream, including Lite-On Green Energy, responsible for solar energy (Chuangneng), Guangbao Branch, responsible for power supply (transfer), Guangbao and Guanglin Electronics Responsible for LED (energy saving), the last battery (storage energy) is responsible for the optical energy storage.

Guangbao's 2010 Q2 consolidated revenue reached NT$32.35 billion, a 13% increase in the quarter, and an estimated Q2 earnings per share exceeded NT$1.

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