On August 10, 2010, Zhang Ming, Chairman of Xinli Light Source, met with GE Lighting and Lighting Products Group's Asia Pacific Lighting Products Business, President and CEO Mr. Goss, at the California International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, on both market development and OEM cooperation. In-depth exchanges have been carried out, hoping to establish a long-term international partnership.

GE Lighting is one of the three major lighting brands in the world. Gauss, president of the Asia-Pacific region of the lighting division, said that LED lighting is popular all over the world. GE hopes to cooperate with Xinli Light Source to develop the lighting market in China and Southwest China.

This is the second meeting between President Goss and Chairman Zhang Ming. In January this year, President Goss led his senior team leaders in China to come to Xinli Light Source. He visited the Xinli Light Source Honor Gallery, Rare Earth Luminescent Materials Exhibition Hall and LED products. After the exhibition hall, he became interested in Xinli's products, patented technology, innovative ability and market application, and gave high praise.

Gauss said that Xinli has its own core technology and is at the forefront of innovation in innovation, R&D, patents and applications. Xinli has used GE's traditional products in subway applications. This time, we hope to strengthen cooperation in LED and cooperate in technology. Exchange, achieve OEM production, take advantage of Xinli Light Source's better technological innovation capability, production strength and market resource advantages to jointly make the LED lighting market bigger and stronger.


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