Huawei's "1+2+1" Internet of Things Strat…

Not surprisingly, the next Red Sea of ​​the mobile Internet will erupt in the Internet of Things era. In this regard, after more than two years of painstaking research, Huawei first disclosed its strategy in the Internet of Things, namely the “1+2+1” -----!

How cars drive new testability design techniques

Automotive IC reburning DFT technology This article refers to the address: http:// With the new requirements for safety-critical applications, especially automotive ICs (integrated circuits), DFT (Testability Design) technology has once again received attention. More and more processors are bei-----!

LED display heat dissipation design

High temperatures can cause the probability of failure of electronic components to increase rapidly, resulting in a decrease in the reliability of LED displays . In order to control the temperature of the electronic components inside the LED display so that it does not exceed the spe-----!