In recent years, the industry has begun to use LED instead of CCFL and EL as the backlight of LCD (short for backlight illumination), compared with CCFL and EL. LEDs have the following advantages:

1) The LCD color can be made more realistic, and the LED backlight can provide 130% NTSC color scale, while the CCFL is only 70%. The expansion of the color scale makes the LCD image more saturated and more realistic;

2) The thickness of the LCD can be made thinner. In the 18-inch LCD module, the thickness of the LED backlight is 4 mm to 6 mm, and the CCFL is 8 mm to 12 nm.

3) Long life, up to 50,000 hours;

4) In line with environmental requirements, LED does not contain mercury,

5) LED backlights are not disturbed compared to EL backlights. Therefore, LED backlights are widely used in PC, TV, car audio, mobile phones, communication equipment, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and watches, etc. It has become the leading product in the LCD backlight market.

In 2002, the market demand for LEDs accounted for about 60% of the total demand of the backlight market. At present, there are green, red, blue and white LEDs as backlights for LCDs. Due to price factors, green LEDs are mainstream, accounting for 80% of LED backlight products. %, their rated current is 2mA ~ 20mA, the brightness is 600mcd. Due to the high cost of white LEDs, it is currently mainly used for backlighting of color screen mobile phones and color screen PDAs, as well as lighting of automobile instruments.

Luminescence mechanism and characteristics of white LED

1 Luminescence mechanism

The single-chip white LED is a CaN light-emitting diode containing an active layer of InGaN. It mainly has two kinds of light-emitting mechanisms: one is to combine blue LED and yellow phosphorus, and the white light is generated by the mixture of yellow light emitted by blue light and phosphorus; The species is white light produced by a combination of ultraviolet LEDs and red, blue, and green phosphorous.

2 Features

The main characteristics of white LED are: forward voltage drop is 3.5 V; luminous efficiency is more than 20lm/W, which is better than incandescent bulb, next to fluorescent lamp (601m/W ~ 100lm/W). In 2004, luminous efficiency can be improved to 60lm/w, close to the level of fluorescent lamps, which can be used in the lighting market in large quantities; the luminous flux is 231m; the package size is small. Nichia introduced the SMD white LED in 2003, model NSCW215, which is a side-view SMD white LED with a height of 0.8/1mm and a brightness of 600mcd at 20mA. Toyoda Gosei introduced the SMD white LED with a size of 3.2 mm × 2.8 mm, model TG white, with a current of 20 mA, a brightness of 100 mcd, and a luminous efficiency of 4.5 lm/W to 5 lmW.

Citizen has developed the world's smallest white LED with Nichia's white LED die, which is 0.55 mm thick. Nichia's non-SMD type white LED measures 11.2mm (width) × 7.2mm (length) × 6mm (height) and has a long life of more than 50,000 hours. The application prospects of white LEDs in the lighting market are attractive. For this reason, LED manufacturers around the world have stepped up development of high-power white LEDs. For example, Nichia has developed high-power InGaN LEDs with powers of 1 W to 2 W, which are 10 of existing LEDs. Times. The Solid State Lighting and Display Center of the University of California plans to develop a white LED with a luminous efficiency of 200 lm/W by 2007.

 XLPE insulated electrical Power Cable consists of  below  major components: one or more high quality stranded copper or aluminum conducts, XLPE insulation, fixed tape and filler, optional protective armour, overall PVC sheath

These cables are with simple structure, light weight and high heat resistance. With the development of our technology, our factory is able to manufacturing our products more lighter, durable and flexible for international requirements.

It could be classified into 3 type as below:

Non-armoured XLPE Power Cable(Cu or Al /XLPE/PVC)

Steel Tape Armoured Power Cable(Cu or Al/XLPE/STA/PVC)

Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable(Cu or Al/XLPE/STA/PVC)

 XLPE insulated power cables

Manufacture Standard

This cable is manufactured according to the standard of GB12706-2008(The Same as IEC60502).It can also be manufactured according to IEC,BS,UL as request.


Using features

l  Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor is 90℃. 

l  Max. temperature of conductor during short circuit (5s maximum duration ) shall not exceed 250℃. 

The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0℃. 

The bending radius of a single-core cable: not less than 20 times of cable`s OD 
The bending radius of a three-core cable: not less than 15 times of cable`s OD 

 steel tape armor power cables

Why choose XLPE Insulated Power Cable?

l  Heat resistant performance-With XLPE special structure, it will not be decomposed and carbonized up to 300℃ with at most 40 years life time.

l  Insulating Performance-Same insulation characteristic as PE, higher electrical resistance and less impact by temperature.

l  Mechanical Performance-Higher hardness, stiffness, abrasion resistance and shock resistance.

l  Chemical performance-XLPE has higher resistance to acid and alkaline. It only produce water and carbon dioxide, it shows more environmental friendly which could satisfy modern requirements of fire safety.


This product is suitable for transmission and distribution of electrical power with AC rated voltage 0.6/1Kv,1.8/3 kV,3.6/6 kV,6/10 kV,8.7/10 kV,8.7/15 kV,12/20 kV,26/35kV kV. Such as power distributing systems, industrial plant and others.


You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about XLPE electrical power cables. We will offer you professional solutions as you required with attractive price.

XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable

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