Although the stability of LED lamps has recently reached a relatively good level, the problem of light decay and color drift in individual products is mainly due to the unreasonable heat dissipation design. Relatively speaking, the problem of LED lamp driving power supply is much more serious, which is the main cause of dead light or flicker, and also a short board of LED lamp quality.

Conventional lighting street lamps are separate from the power supply. Generally, the lamp head--high-pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp national standard stipulates that the warranty period is one year. The street lamp management unit will store a certain number of sodium lamps. The high-pressure sodium lamp has mature national standards. The main parameters such as the size and power of the main components are uniform and interchangeable.

The current LED lamp failure is mainly in the power supply, so the main problem is to solve the power problem. Due to the current lack of mandatory unified standards for LED power supplies, the power supplies on the market are separate, single-channel, multi-channel, and of different sizes, which is difficult to replace. With the emergence of super-power LED street lights and LED tunnel lights on the market, LED drive power failures frequently occur, and LED street light drive power supplies often use built-in design, which often causes difficulties in the maintenance of led lamp power supply, and some manufacturers lack after-sales maintenance services, so The complaints of the owners have caused the public to misunderstand the LED lights after the exaggerated publicity of the media, which has affected the reputation of the LED industry.

Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps and power is the key to intelligent control

Intelligent control is the most mature condition in LED street light and LED tunnel light lighting application. Intelligent control can realize stepless control of lamp power according to road traffic density in different time periods, which not only meets application requirements, but also realizes huge energy saving. The effect can save a lot of money for the highway supervisory unit. The application in tunnel lighting not only saves energy, but also automatically adjusts the brightness of the tunnel entrance and exit according to the brightness outside the tunnel, providing the driver with a visual over-stage to ensure driving safety.

Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure

Not only the power supply itself will heat up, but also the lamps will heat up. How to properly dissipate these two heat sources is a problem that the lighting design engineer must consider. It is necessary to prevent excessive heat concentration, form a heat island effect, and affect the life of the power supply. A split power solution is a good choice.

MC Flex Indoor Rental LED Display

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Indoor Rental LED Display

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