The 10th China Arts Festival, referred to as the “Ten Arts Festival”, was held in Shandong Province from October 11th to 26th. The China Arts Festival is the national art festival with the highest specifications and the largest scale in China.

As a well-known LED display manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise, Qipu Optoelectronics provided a long strip-shaped P8 outdoor full-color LED display with an area of ​​150 square meters for the “Ten Arts Festival”. The screen uses CREE lights, and the high-definition, colorful images are praised by customers. It is complemented by the chandeliers of the opening ceremony, "One Courtyard, Three Pavilions".

The Ten Arts Festival was the first concentrated appearance of Chinese culture and art after the 18th National Congress. A number of outstanding plays stood out. All 15 works selected by Shandong won awards, and four of them won the Wenhua Award. These award-winning works highlight the rich history and culture of Shandong and integrate with the modern development process, winning the unanimous affirmation of the audience and the judges.

During the Ten Arts Festival, 90 Wenhua Awards were distributed in eight cities across the province, and almost all the venues were full. The National Art Exhibition and the European and American Classic Art Exhibition attract tens of thousands of viewers every day to watch. The people's enthusiasm for excellent works of art was concentrated on the Ten Arts Festival. Qipu Optoelectronics is also very honored to contribute to the perfect interpretation of the Ten Arts Festival!

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This cable is one of the Control Cable and it is with OFC copper conductor insulated and sheathed by PVC material. This cable may be used in dry or wet places and widely applied to transmit and distribute low voltage electrical power, data or signal. there have optional choices of flexibility and screen material to fit for installation as request. Some control cables can bear larger mechanical forces. Some of them is with shielding and flame retardant performance.


Product features

Conductor: OFC

Insulation and jacked: PVC

Color: Black

Other component: Optional screen(braided or Cu)

Performance: shielding or flame retardant



1-   Braided screen type

2-   Copper screen type

3-   Steel tape armored type

4-   Flexible control cable

5-   Braided screen  flexible control cable

6-   Fire retardant flexible control cable

7-   Copper screen fire retardant control cable

8-   Flame retardant steel tape armored type

9-   Fire retardant flexible control cable



The PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable is suitable for patching of control, signal protected and measures systems with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V and 600/1000V.

armoured PVC control cablepvc insulator and jacket control cable

Using features

l  Rated power-frequency rated voltage U0/U is 450/750V and 600/1000V

l  Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor is 70℃

l  The ambient temperature under installation should not be lower than 0℃,if the ambient temperature is below 0℃, the cable should be preheated.


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l  Professional Cable solutions to your particular requirements.

l  Free sample is available with economic express fee.

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l  Strong technical support (technical data, drawing, etc.)





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