Business opportunities or opportunities for LED industry focus The development of most industries must go through the following stages: the first product followed by the brand re-product.

Product Phase 1: In the early stage of industrial development, the development of various types of facilities was incomplete, and it was difficult to obtain the audience's approval for a long period of time. Under such circumstances, even if the public businesses are trying hard to promote sales, consumer response has not increased; On the other hand, all businesses in the industry are struggling to sell, and during this time most businesses and consumers are in a wait-and-see phase. The mixed commercial market makes it difficult to highlight the internal advantages of the industry. Therefore, most of the energy in this phase is used for product promotion. All types of businesses and consumers are watching and advancing. At the same time, the pressures faced by various merchants during this phase are too large. This is a period of time when risks and opportunities coexist. Reshuffle, advancement, development... are the obvious features of this stage.

Brand stage: After a severe initial test, most consumers have a certain degree of awareness of new products. Product substitution has become a “trend” in this period. Most consumers are new to the industry after their “propaganda” in the early stage of the industry. The favorability of products has increased, and in the use of various related fields, such products have started to be used as one of the candidate products. With the increasing awareness of audiences, new products are gradually occupying the majority of market share with “trend”. With the increase of consumer awareness, the brand effect on the market began to slowly reveal itself, and building a brand in this stage became the top priority of the business. The development of the brand war will be conducive to the rapid and healthy development of the industry, and it will also help make up for the inadequacies of the standard when new products are purchased. On the other hand, the development of the brand war may lead to stronger and stronger players. The weaker the development trend.

Product stage 2: After the brand stage, various brands are basically formed, the industrial development tends to be stable, and the industrial competition point will once again return to the product. In this stage, the product market and technology are basically mature, and product innovation and development It will open up more market space for the entire industry.

The LED industry has been obscured from 10 years ago, to the chaotic market in 11-12 years, and gradually stabilized in 13 years. It can be said that the companies that are currently active are killing a bloody road under the severe market test. There are also roads on this road. Many companies have become a stepping stone to the development of the industry. After surviving a series of market tests, many still surviving enterprises are under the cover of their own servants in suits and shoes. One round after another, the promotion of development at the same time in the face of one after another market pressure, it was said that 2013 is the year of LED industry transit, and some people say that it should not be happy too early, the current industry is still hidden risks. "Business Opportunity" and "Wing Machine" are all we can't ignore in the commercial market. Grasping "business opportunities" determines the development of the company, and "throwing down" determines the company's stay. Which stage of the LED industry is currently developing? With product promotion, brand building, and technology research and development, where should we focus now?

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