In the new wave of industrial revolution, LED lamps as a solid-state lighting product to replace the existing gas lighting products is the trend, and the replacement process is in full swing, but in general, this replacement process is just beginning, use A hundred years of incandescent lamps are still widely used. It takes time for LED lamps to be widely used, and there are still many unfavorable factors, such as heat dissipation, light effects and other technical problems, cost and price issues, user habits, and so on. LED lighting manufacturers must of course strive to solve the above problems, but also pay attention to another important issue, which is the industrial design factor of LED lamps, LED lamps have realized the innovation of light sources, but how to achieve materials, structures, appearance lamps In terms of supporting innovations, the luminaires best reflect the effect of the light source, and it is easier for the majority of users to accept, which is a topic worthy of attention. In the core technology, due to well-known reasons, the general lighting manufacturers have limited space to play, it is difficult to achieve the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, but in the industrial design, due to the diversification of market demand, the majority of enterprises can fully demonstrate their magic, making lamps more material-saving materials It is more environmentally friendly and more usable, thus accelerating the popularization and application of LED lamps, making our living and working environment increasingly low carbon and beautiful.

First, relying on industrial design to enhance the added value of products is the world consensus

Since the founding of the International Federation of Industrial Design Associations in 1957, researchers have organized two definitions for industrial design. The revised industrial design, announced at the eleventh annual meeting held in 1980, is defined as: “In terms of mass-produced products, materials, structures, and structures are given by training, technical knowledge, experience, and visual perception. , form, color, surface finishing and decoration with new quality and qualifications, this is called industrial design. According to the specific circumstances at the time, industrial designers should work on all or some of the above aspects of industrial products, and, when needed When industrial designers pay their own technical knowledge and experience as well as visual evaluation capabilities for packaging, promotion, display, market development and other issues, they also belong to the category of industrial design." The authoritative interpretation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is industrial design. It is an innovative activity that integrates and optimizes the function, structure, shape and packaging of products with industrial products as the main target and comprehensive use of scientific and technological achievements and engineering, aesthetics, psychology and economics.

The core of industrial design is product design, which is widely used in light industry, textile, machinery, electronic information and other industries. The industrial design industry is an important part of the productive service industry, and its development level is one of the important signs of industrial competitiveness. Vigorously developing industrial design is an important means to enrich product varieties and increase product added value; it is an effective way to create independent brands and enhance industrial competitiveness; it is an objective requirement for transforming economic development mode and expanding consumer demand. After a large number of case studies, Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Association and Beijing Technology Innovation and Productivity Promotion Center pointed out: “In high-tech industries, technology is the first competition, and industrial design of products is the second competition. After the technology, it is followed by fierce competition with deep market color and brand competition. In the era of rapid development of technology, the time interval between two competitions is getting shorter and shorter, and many international companies are Under the long-term strategy of the market, technology and industrial design will be developed in parallel. When the product is launched, it has become a mature product in the application form and product appearance. China's high-tech should learn and master this system as soon as possible. Facing international challenges with high-tech design."

The practical benefits of industrial design for businesses are well documented. The now-famous American Apple Inc. and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. are outstanding representatives who are proud of their industry design and lead the trend. In the 1990s, Apple was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. It was an ingenious iMac that made Apple more brilliant. The iPod music player developed later gave out the strong sound of Apple's industrial design. Later, the iPhone made Apple's industrial design level and brand value. It has reached the peak stage of the present, so that other digital products and even non-digital products such as lamps have followed the style of industrial design. Samsung Electronics is the world's largest TV and mobile phone brand. Industrial design is one of its magic weapons. Samsung's industrial design strategy is well known. "Samsung is a model that uses design to enhance brand value and expand market share." Illinois, USA An expert from the College of Design said. Many domestic enterprises rely on industrial design to achieve economic growth and brand value enhancement. For example, Midea, Haier and many other famous enterprises, Guangzhou Yichang Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional and leading industrial design service company, already in Shenzhen. The SME board was listed and welcomed the visit of the central leaders such as Wen Jiabao.

Most developed countries in the world have upgraded industrial design to the height of national development strategies. Many countries have formulated national design revitalization policies to nurture and support projects that are weakly responded to by the design industry and are medium- and long-term strategic development projects. The government has played a major role in promoting the development of industrial design. On April 8 this year, the famous female politician, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away. She attended the advanced seminar on industrial design of “Product Design and Market Success” in the UK, emphasizing: “Industrial design is the lifeblood of British industry. For the UK, this is somewhat more important than the work of the Prime Minister.” The British government has set up a “British Design Council” to carry out the “Design Consultant Plan” and the “Support Design Plan” to make industrial design gradually industrialized. Integrate and maintain global leadership. The United States was the first country to achieve professionalization of industrial design, and industrial design and market were closely integrated. The use of design management in commercial competition has laid a good foundation for the upgrading of US manufacturing. Germany is the birthplace of industrial design, with a sound education system and a high degree of industrial design education. In 1919, the Bauhaus Design School in Germany was established. Germany began to develop industrial design and become an industrial design center. Together with the later Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the German Red Dot Industrial Design Award and the iF Industrial Design Award, the German industrial design system World-renowned. Japan, which is famous for its automobiles and electrical appliances, has invested 2% of its gross national product in industrial design and development, ranking first in the world. In the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan, the “Design Policy Office” was set up, and the “Industrial Design Promotion Association” was set up. The October 1st of each year was designated as “Japan Design Day” and the national “Excellent Design Award” was issued. The Korean government invests 40 billion won annually to promote the development of the design industry. The Ministry of Industry and Energy's "Industrial Design Promotion Agency" has raised people's understanding of industrial design and developed industrial design as a separate industry. Each year, the funds allocated by the national treasury equivalent to more than 300 million yuan for demonstration, exchange, and selection of industrial design, promote industrial design to all aspects, and select the presidential award every year. Throughout the world, all countries and regions with strong design competitiveness have established industrial design awards with government or national design organizations, such as the British Design Council Award, the Japanese GD Award, the US IDEA Award, and the German IF. Awards, the three-year grand prize of the President of Italy, the DG Award of Denmark, the National Fine Arts Award of Taiwan, the Design Award of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

Industrial design was introduced to China at the beginning of reform and opening up. After 30 years of development, especially after entering the 21st century, it attracted the attention of the central and local government departments. In July 2001, the Industrial Design Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society and related professional institutions set up the “China Product Innovation Design Award”, which became China’s first national-level authority award for product design and the only country in the field of industrial design. Level award. The establishment of this product innovation design award marks the first time that China's industrial design community has come to the forefront after serving as a long-term behind-the-scenes hero. Since then, various local government departments, academic institutions and famous enterprises have taken actions to support and participate in the industrial design development. Professional forums and academic conferences have been held for a long time, such as the annual National Industrial Design Academic Conference hosted by the Industrial Design Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society; industrial design exhibitions are held regularly in certain cities, such as Wuxi China Industrial Design Festival, Guangzhou Industrial Design Week Industrial design awards are regularly awarded, such as the Red Star Award from the Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center, the Cotton Tree Award from the Guangdong Industrial Design Association, the Top Ten Awards for China Industrial Design sponsored by the China Industrial Design Association, and the most authoritative industry in China. The China Excellent Industrial Design Award, sponsored by the Ministry of Information Technology, also started in 2012; industrial design bases have been opened, such as Guangdong Industrial Design City, Qingdao Industrial Design Park, Ningbo Hefeng Industrial Design Plaza, etc.; industrial design competitions come one after another, east coast Almost all industrial and industrial large and medium-sized cities hold industrial design competitions regularly, and a number of outstanding products have won awards and even went to market. Local governments have also introduced policies and measures to promote the development of local industrial design industries. For example, the Ministry of Industry, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, and Sichuan have all issued guidance to promote the development of industrial design industry. The cultivation of industrial design talents is more important. The annual industrial design education seminars are held in China, and the industrial design competition for college students is held. The professional evaluation documents of industrial designers have been issued in Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province. The profession has been regulated and recognized by the government. At the same time, China's industrial design industry has actively strengthened foreign exchanges. The National Industrial Design Demonstration Base of Shunde's Guangdong Industrial Design City has introduced famous design institutions from Japan and South Korea. The “Design Capital” of the United Nations named Shenzhen Industrial Design Association visited the Nordic countries and signed Cooperation documents.

In December 2012, the current Vice Premier of the State Council and then Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Wang Yang said during the visit to the 6th Guangdong Industrial Design Week Industrial Design Exhibition: transformation and upgrading, industrial design is definitely an important driver and an important measure. And in the transformation and upgrading, industrial design is the lowest cost and best effect measure. In the same month, Xi Jinping, the newly appointed General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, visited Guangdong Industrial Design City in Shunde District of Foshan City to encourage further development of the industrial design industry.

It can be said that with the advancement of the so-called third industrial revolution, the intensification of world industrial competition, the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, the understanding of industrial design by Chinese enterprises will continue to deepen, and the Chinese industrial design industry will usher in a new upsurge.

Some people in China are keen on talking about core technologies. In fact, no matter whether the core technology is in the hands of domestic enterprises or foreign companies, most enterprises still have no connection with core technologies. The history of industrial development proves that the core technology at a certain stage can only be controlled by a few enterprises. In the hands, they have mastered the big profits of the industry. Most enterprises must rely on other means to obtain the ideal profits. In addition to improving production management, marketing and other means, industrial design is a challenging and probable means.

Second, the lighting industry design is promising

According to long-term and extensive practical experience, industrial design has a lot of space for implementation in the light industry, especially in the field of household appliances, and the results are also outstanding. Indoor lighting in lighting appliances can basically be placed in the scope of household appliances, and the space for implementing industrial design is also very large. There are many jobs in this area to discover ideas, refine concepts, and develop new products.

From the perspective of various household items, the lamps can be said to best reflect the industrial design achievements. Speaking of appearance, indoor lighting applications are very wide, almost all materials that can be used in metal, glass, plastic, leather, ceramics, cloth, paper, stone, plant materials, etc., and their colors can also be rich and colorful, as for The body shape has reached a variety of degrees, and can achieve all the shapes that can be achieved according to the needs of different environments, different seasons and different users. Whether it is geometric modeling in mathematics or physical modeling in real life, Then the luminaires are wonderfully presented. They can satisfy the personal hobbies of different users, reflect the cultural customs of different regions, and reflect the artistic ideas of different genres. These are absolutely not comparable to other household items. What is even more unusual is that the delicately designed lamps are decorations during the day and the lights are lit at night. The materials, colors and shapes of the lamps can be tacitly combined with the lights to make the silent and fixed lighting entities active and agile. It is elegant and elegant, and it can be described as radiant and infinite. In the light, the graceful crystal lamp reflects the shadow of the shadows, the antique sheepskin lamp projects the traditional legacy, and the elegant and elegant modern lights reflect the ease. All of this demonstrates the infinite charm of industrial design and demonstrates the indissoluble bond between luminaires and industrial design, demonstrating the greater potential for industrial design of luminaires.

Although our indoor lighting fixtures can already be customized to the level of customization, this does not mean that the lighting industry design has reached its peak and does not mean that the lighting industry design is impeccable. The industry professionals who participated in the Italian Housewares Exhibition in Milan and the Fair Lighting Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, know that there are very few Chinese-made lamps that can appear at these exhibitions, because the level of lighting design in China cannot reach these exhibitions for their own originality. It is required that the industrial design level of European and American lamps appearing at these exhibitions is a sigh of Chinese manufacturing. The plagiarism of the lighting industry design in China is prevalent, and it seems to be beautifully designed but there are too many quality defects behind it. Therefore, China's lamps still face greater competitive pressure in the international market, and the profit level is squeezed by foreign manufacturers. This is not entirely a core technical issue. For more Chinese companies, it is an industrial design problem. After all, enterprises that master core technologies. It is a minority, most of the lamps belong to the decorative and functional integration of household items, general lighting companies should pay more attention to industrial design, with the improvement of industrial design level to increase the added value. At this year's Spring Canton Fair, the export price of a traditional small household appliance in Shunde was tens of yuan. After the design modification, its price has increased, but the export order volume has not decreased. This is a living case.

For the industrial design of luminaires, relevant domestic parties have already paid attention to it. Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City is the most concentrated industrial area for interior decorative lamps. Since the International Exhibition of Guzhen Lighting International was held regularly at the beginning of this century, practical measures have been taken to promote the development of industrial design. As early as 2005, the China Guzhen International Lighting Fair Lighting Design Competition opened the prelude to the annual lighting fixtures evaluation event during the Guzhen Lighting Fair. Every year, a boutique light fixture stands out in the competition and is awarded by the authority. honor certificate. The Guzhen Town Government also hired Liu Guanzhong, the “father of Chinese industrial design”, as the consultant of Guzhen Lighting Industry to guide Guzhen Lighting Company to upgrade its industrial design level. Italy is one of the three bases of the world's lighting industry, and it is dominated by design culture. The Guzhen Town Government and enterprises attach great importance to this and actively learn from Italy's advanced industrial design experience. The head of the Italian Industrial Designers Association visited the exhibition of the Guzhen Lighting Fair for many times. The 2012 Sino-foreign Lighting Industry and Industrial Design Cooperation Exchange Conference was held. Representatives of foreign institutions such as the Italian Industrial Designers Association and the Italian Lighting Association were present to communicate with Chinese designers. Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Group cooperates with Italian Artemide Lighting Company. Zhongshan Haohao Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. and the Italian Industrial Designers Association officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the 2nd Sino-Italian Designer Cooperation Summit. Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Co., Ltd. has hired famous designers from Italy, Germany and Spain to serve as design consultants and design directors. According to the needs of various countries, the lighting design is designed to attract customers from all over the world. In 2010, Zhongshan Guzhen Pinyuan Lighting & Lighting Factory and Kunming University of Science and Technology College of Art and Media jointly launched the “Peace Cup First National Lighting Design Competition”. The heat of the industrial design of Guzhen Lighting is booming.

In view of the vigorous development of the lighting industry in many parts of the country, the relevant parties have made efforts to promote the improvement of the design level of the national lighting industry. The China International Lighting Design Competition organized by the authoritative organization has been held for several years, and it is recommended to tour around the country every year. participate actively. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the world's largest lighting exhibition, also launched the Aladdin Magic Light Awards this year to publicly promote and reward the indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures with outstanding industrial design. In addition, in various industrial design competitions in various places, you can see that some indoor and outdoor lamps have won awards. NVC Street Light won the China Industrial Design Red Star Award Supreme Gold Award. Yiguang LED Lamps won the German iF Product Design Award, Qilang Crystal The lamp won the British Lighting Industry Design Award, and so on. The most proud thing is that in this spring of Italy's "2013 Inter Milan Design Week Good Design Exhibition", Wen Zhicai, a teacher of the Industrial Design Department of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Wuyi University, relied on four creative sunflower lamps at the Milan Design Exhibition. The first "GOODESIGN certificate" awarded to Chinese designers also showed the original strength of China in the field of design. Wen Weicai has also become the first Chinese designer to be recognized in Europe's top design exhibitions in the field of lighting in China. Italian experts said to the product, “Europeans recognize that China is the world’s number one economic entity, so they also want to understand the Chinese people’s ideas. In the past they thought that China’s design was always plagiarized, but when they saw the design After the creativity and preservation of the tradition, I feel that the work clearly tells them the status quo of Chinese design."