[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Lighting Channel" magazine February issue reporter / Xiong Huanhuan]

"Lighting Channels" : The Philips "Inspired Stone" LED chandelier was awarded the "2012 LED Good Product" by Gaogong. It was the result of more than 300 industry insiders at the online voting and awards evening. Philips felt that this product What are the main reasons for being recognized by the industry? Where does the creative source of “stone of inspiration” come from?

Philips : Relying on advanced LED lighting technology, this "inspired stone" LED chandelier has both fashionable and elegant appearance and excellent performance, so it has won the favor of many insiders. Inspired by the cobblestones of nature, the sleek lines and smooth surfaces of the luminaires perfectly blend into the environment.

"Lighting Channels" : As a lighting designed by Philips for the office environment, what new experiences will the "inspired stone" bring to users? From a professional point of view, what are the technical breakthroughs in this new product? In other indoor lighting products, Philips has not developed similar innovative lamps?

Philips : The traditional professional office environment usually gives a more serious feeling. With the development of office culture, creating a more comfortable atmosphere, inspiring employees' inspiration, has gradually become a new trend of office lighting. “The Stone of Inspiration” hopes to bring nature and creativity to the office space.

From a professional point of view, the "stone of inspiration" is first of all a conceptual breakthrough; secondly, the system's system light efficiency can reach 100lm / W, twice the traditional office lighting T8, very in line with the requirements of green office; It also uses leading light control technology.

Among other indoor lighting products, we also have many breakthrough concept designs, such as the dish-shaped DaySign, the LTP that can create dream images, and the custom-designed OLED series lamps.

"Lighting Channels" : It is reported that "Inspired Stone" can choose 25% indirect lighting and 75% direct lighting to create a vibrant atmosphere by giving the ceiling and walls a bright light. What is the specific process of "indirect lighting" and "direct lighting"? What role does the “stone of inspiration” play in it?

Philips : In the lighting mode, "direct lighting" and "indirect lighting" have different proportions. During the development of the product, Philips' R&D personnel did different functional and psychological testing, and finally chose the current ratio. The technical cooperation of "stone of inspiration" is also very easy to achieve: 6 light cups below, 2 on the back.

"Lighting Channels" : At present, has this new product been applied to the physical case? How is the customer response? There have been voices in the industry that "there is too much blue light in the light emitted by LED lights. Humans live in this kind of environment for a long time, which will affect the mood to some extent." In response to this statement, what is the opinion of Philips? And is there a problem with too much Blu-ray in the "stone of inspiration"?

Philips : At present, the “stone of inspiration” has been applied to the office headquarters of many well-known companies, such as Akzo Nobel, and customers have positively evaluated the shape and performance of this product.

Including "Inspired Stone" chandeliers, Philips has very strict R&D and quality inspection standards for its products. Philips' LED light source has passed the EU Photobiosafety Test (Photobiotesting project is a key test for LEDs in the EU CB Safety Certification. The purpose is to ensure that visible light is safe for living organisms, especially human eyes. ) to ensure that customers are provided with quality and reliable products.

"Lighting Channels" : For LED lighting fixtures in the office field, what technical development directions may be in the future? At present, how is the level of intelligent development in this field? Will it be promoted and applied in the short term? If not, what are the key factors? If the era of intelligent office lighting comes, what subversive lighting innovations may be brought about?

Philips : The technological development of LED lighting fixtures in the future will focus on three directions: low cost, new shape and intelligence.

At present, more and more customers of Philips are choosing intelligent lighting control systems to seek new technology experiences and achieve green energy conservation. During the implementation of the project, we found that if we can let customers feel this new experience earlier, the proportion of acceptance is usually very high. At the same time, if the lighting control can be incorporated into the standard engineering implementation process, the changes will be the energy of buildings and companies. Comprehensive innovation in management. Looking at the CBD office buildings in the core cities of the United States and Europe, the concept of intelligent lighting control has become very popular. I believe that China will not update this concept in too much.

"Lighting Channels" : According to Philips' 2012 Q4 financial report, sales of LED lighting business increased by 43% year-on-year. In the future, what areas of your company will you focus on? What kind of goals are you looking forward to?

Philips : Philips plans to account for 50% of the company's entire lighting business by 2015, so Philips will continue to strengthen innovation and promotion in various segments to achieve this goal.

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