Nokia will introduce microwave ovens into the field of home appliances

Lumia equipment is based on the appearance of design and excellent workmanship on the WP platform mixed with the wind, according to the latest news into the Lumia series will soon enter the field of home appliances. According to the latest news from the Nokia talks, the Lumia-style microwave oven will be released soon after further lagging in with competitors. The official statement is as follows:

We are very happy to announce to you that there will soon be a Nokia derivative product model 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation, which is a touchable microwave oven that integrates the company's latest innovations. This microwave oven will use an ultra-fast, water-cooled, 8-core powerful transformer that will deliver an instantaneous output of 5000W to the end user, allowing the food to maintain optimal nutrition in a very short period of time.

According to Olavi Huhtikuuu, Nokia's director of home innovation, "Nokia has always been committed to research and development of microwave band technology, so the introduction of microwave oven products is our natural next big innovation. We integrate microwave oven technology into our core business as a counterweight to other competitions. The opponent's killer.

A carbon oven is a kind of barbecue equipment using charcoal as fuel. From the baking pan, carbon bucket, oil tank, base composition, barbecue need to prepare the oven, charcoal, solid alcohol, igniter. Carbon Oven - a kind of barbecue equipment made of charcoal as raw material for smokeless barbecue. It is the most widely used oven in carbon oven. Mainly used for garden dinners, outdoor picnic.
Advantages: easy to carry, clean and sanitary
Disadvantages: one can only meet four to six people, need two or more difficult to meet a big party to use.
Practical number: 4 ~ 6 people
Floor-type carbon oven, usually on the desktop or mat above the practical. Popular in Korea and Japan and Europe and the United States, will be in some courtyard party, family dinner and outdoor travel to see the equipment to the figure, very easy to carry and clean health by the outdoor family favorite. Such as in the outdoor want to eat clean and healthy food is really difficult, if brought a carbon oven basically what are resolved. Desk-type carbon oven, this looks like a table, there are four feet. Is a very common carbon oven, the street is very much.
Advantages: You can do a lot of food at the same time to meet user needs.
Disadvantages: too large, inconvenient to carry and health problems
Number of users: should be determined

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