What is an NFC phone?

Speaking of NFC phones, we have to mention NFC technology first. So what exactly is NFC?

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field CommunicaTIon, the full name of near-field (or close-range) wireless communication technology. It is a non-contact point-to-point data transmission jointly developed by NXP (NXP, Philips) and Sony, which can be used in mobile devices. Near-field wireless communication between electronics, PCs, and smart control tools, and compatible with existing contactless IC card technology.

NFC function module

The NFC mobile phone is a mobile phone with an NFC function module, and through the NFC of the mobile phone device, many corresponding applications can be realized. According to three different working modes, the card mode, the point-to-point mode, and the card reader mode are applicable to different application scenarios.

NFC mobile phone classification

At present, the most critical factor in the commercialization of NFC is the popularity of user NFC devices, especially the popularity of NFC phones. The current mobile phone NFC hardware mainly consists of three parts: NFC Secure Element (NSE), NFC Controller (NFC Controller) and NFC antenna. The security component NSE is the core of the whole hardware. According to the location of the NSE in the mobile phone, the NFC mobile phone can be divided into a chip type NFC mobile phone, a SIM card type NFC mobile phone and an SD card type NFC mobile phone.

Mobile phone with NFC function

1. The chip-type NFC mobile phone integrates the NSE directly into the mobile phone chip. The advantage is that the NFC function has high execution efficiency and good security, but the disadvantage is that the user needs to purchase a new machine, and the popularization speed is relatively slow. An example of such an NFC phone: the Nokia 6131i.

2. The SIM card type NFC mobile phone integrates the NSE into the SIM card. Its characteristic is that the NFC function performs moderately and safely, and the popularization speed is faster than the chip type. An example of such an NFC phone: BenQ T80.

3. The SD card type NFC mobile phone integrates the NSE directly into the SD card, and its execution efficiency is similar to that of the SIM card, and the security is general. In theory, the popularity of users in this way is the fastest, but the biggest problem is that the current NFC interface specifications of SD cards have not yet been determined. Examples of such NFC mobile phones: No.

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