The upcoming Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is a global lighting event. As a brand enterprise focusing only on LED lighting, BYD Lighting will not only display the LED industry chain layout, but also the new products. At the same time, the three major technologies will also be on display.

Off-grid iron battery solar street light system. As the core patent technology of BYD, in addition to new energy vehicles and electric forklifts, this technology has been very maturely applied to LED street lamps, and with BYD lighting advanced solar panel products, BYD has innovatively developed integrated off-grid. Solar iron battery LED street light system. The system is not only easy to install, anti-theft and damage prevention, but also avoids the possibility of groundwater pollution caused by lead-acid batteries. At the same time, high-efficiency photoelectric conversion rate, excellent storage performance, and high-efficiency LED street lamp base make the system have been used in most domestic and foreign projects. The application is applied in the project, and the energy saving benefits are very obvious.

Intelligent control of street lighting systems. In order to meet the needs of more and more users, BYD Lighting has rapidly developed an intelligent control street light system that can monitor road lighting conditions in real time through IOS system and Android system. The system has a simple and bright operation interface, easy to operate, quick to get started, can monitor road lighting conditions anytime and anywhere, and has remote switch function, dimming interface, with remote reading function of current, voltage and power, fault detection function, damage detection Function, active reporting of fault information, lightning protection, automatic attribution, and leakage current testing.

Modern office lighting system with dimming technology. In order to meet the needs of modern office lighting, BYD applies advanced 0-10V dimming technology to office lighting products. At the same time, it is equipped with self-developed touch-type dimming controls to create a modern, safe and convenient, timely adjustment of comfortable brightness. Office lighting system.

In addition, BYD Lighting will also showcase more LED packaging application technologies, epitaxial chip technology and products. More exciting, please visit the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 1.1 C27 BYD Lighting booth.

(This article is a BYD lighting submission)

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