The official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on April 25 that it will publicly solicit opinions on five light industry standard plan projects such as "LED Bulb Performance Requirements". The original is as follows:

According to the overall arrangement of the standardization work, five light industry standard plans such as the "LED Bulb Performance Requirements" for the project are now publicized (see Annex 1), and the deadline is May 10.

If there are different opinions on the proposed standard project, it is necessary to fill out the “Standard Project Feedback Form” (see Attachment 2) during the publicity period and send it back to our company, and send it to us by email (the subject of the email: Light Industry Standards Publicity Feedback) ).

Address: Standards Department, Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, No. 27 Wanshou Road, Beijing, China.
Contact number, 5239, 5253

Attachments: 1. "Light bulb requirements for LED bulbs" and other five light industry standard revision plans (draft for comments).doc [Click to download]
2. Standard project feedback form. doc [Click to download]

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