The birth of 1.5TB notebook hard drive When the capacity of the desktop hard disk has gone straight to 4TB, the notebook hard disk is still struggling, even if the capacity goes up, they often have to sacrifice the thickness, frequently 12.5 mm or even 15 mm, ordinary laptop can not be installed, only when the mobile hard disk is used. Today, Western Digital’s Hitachi announced the launch of the world’s first 1.5TB notebook hard drive “TravelStar 5K1500” with a standard thickness of 9.5mm, compared to the previous record of only 1TB.

Even more surprising is that Hitachi uses three-disc on this hard drive, with a single-disc capacity of 500GB. Compress three discs in a 9.5 mm disc. So it seems that the two 1TB discs with 2TB standard hard disks are not a big deal.

The hard disk interface SATA 6Gbps, cache 32MB, speed 5400RPM, standby power consumption is only 0.5W, noise is only 2.5 Bels, self-protection aspects of operation, when the static can withstand 400G/2ms, 1000G/2ms impact.

The TravelStar 5K1500 will ship in June. The EA version (Enhanced Availability) and self-encrypting version will also be added in the third quarter. The former enhances the stability to meet the needs of blade servers, network routers, and video surveillance devices. The latter can meet the Opal storage security specification of Trusted Computer Organization (TCG).

Hitachi also stressed that traditional hard drives will not be replaced by solid-state hard drives and they will continue to invest in the development of 9.5 mm, 7 mm notebook hard drives.

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