Abstract: This article introduces the application of Acrel-3000 electric energy management system based on PZ series programmable intelligent electric meters in Jiading Judicial Center, which realizes intelligent electric energy metering management of decentralized collection and centralized control management.  

Keywords: government agencies; PZ series programmable intelligent electric meters; electric energy management software

0 Introduction Jiading Judicial Center is located at the intersection of Baiyin Road and Yongsheng Road in Jiading New City. It covers a total area of ​​85 mu and a total construction area of ​​92,000 square meters. The political and legal system units including the Political and Law Commission and the 610 Office are used for office work. The project has 1 # (public security bureau), 2 # (court, procuratorate) two substations and power distribution rooms, and 332 PZ series programmable intelligent electric meters installed in the indoor power distribution cabinet. In order to realize the real-time remote measurement of power parameters, energy measurement, energy report and other functions, the system uses Acrel-3000 energy management software to achieve centralized management and centralized control, eliminating the cumbersome on-site meter reading on duty staff, with less investment, concise and practical , Easy to intelligent management and other advantages.

1 System structure
Acrel-3000 energy management software is a special software for collecting and process control of on-site production data. The biggest feature is that it can be used for flexible and diverse "configuration mode" instead of programming mode for system integration. It provides a good user development interface With a simple engineering implementation method, as long as the various software modules preset by it are simply "configured", the functions of the monitoring layer can be realized and completed very easily. For example, in a distributed network application, all applications (such as trend curves, alarms, etc.) refer to remote data in exactly the same way as local data. The "configuration" method greatly reduces the system integration time of automation engineers and improves Integration efficiency. The topological structure of the power management system of Jiading Judicial Center is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 System topology structure diagram

The system uses a distributed structure, divided according to function or area, modular design. The whole system is divided into three layers, namely the field layer, the middle layer and the main control layer.
1.1 Field layer The main task of the field layer is to collect and measure the operating parameters of various power distribution systems on the site, and transmit the collected and measured various data to the monitoring system. Among them, the main equipment of the 1 # substation and distribution room is: PZ80-E3 / KC, PZ80-E4 / KC, PZ80-AI3 / KC programmable intelligent electric meter altogether 168 blocks; the main equipment of the 2 # substation and distribution room is: PZ80- There are 164 E3 / KC, PZ96-E4 / KC, PZ96-AI3 / KC, PZ72-AI3 / KC programmable intelligent electric meters. The above devices are independent of each other to complete their respective functions, do not rely on the main control computer to operate, and have an RS-485 communication interface. The detected electrical parameters and status signals are transmitted to the intermediate layer in real time through the on-site RS-485 bus. Unit-communication server.
PZ series programmable intelligent electric meter, which adopts AC sampling technology, can separately measure the current, voltage, power, power factor and electric energy parameters in the power grid, and can set the magnification through the panel membrane switch. With RS-485 communication interface, using Modbus protocol; can also convert power signal into standard DC analog signal output; or with digital input / output, relay alarm output and other functions.
1.2 Middle layer The middle layer is located between the field layer and the main control layer, and uses a high-performance, embedded communication server. The communication server is responsible for uploading the data collected by the field-level instruments to the main control layer through network communication connection and data exchange, and is the bridge between the main control layer and the field layer.
1.3 Main control layer The main control layer is located in the duty room next to the transformer and distribution room of 1 # Public Security Bureau. It is equipped with high-performance, high-reliability industrial-grade computers, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, and printers. Acrel-3000 power management software is installed on the main control computer, and the real-time monitoring and report management of the entire building power system are realized through the software's man-machine interface and various management functions.
The duty room of Jiading Judicial Center is located next to the substation and distribution room on the first floor of 1 # Public Security Bureau, equipped with an industrial network switch; the 2 # substation and distribution room uses 13 buses on site, and uses a 16-port serial server through fiber Connected to the switch in the 1 # duty room; the 1 # substation room uses 13 buses and uses a 16-port serial server to connect to the switch in the duty room; and then transmits the data to the background system through the building's LAN.

2 The main function system of the energy management system is designed according to the actual needs of customers, and realizes the main wiring diagram interface display; electrical parameter telemetry and electrical parameter over limit alarm; event recording; system operation abnormal monitoring; fault alarm and operation record; report Query and print; system load real-time, historical curve, user rights management and other main functions.
2.1 Data collection and processing Data collection is the foundation of power distribution monitoring. The data collection is mainly completed by the bottom multi-function network instrument collection to realize the local real-time display of remote data. The signals that need to be collected include: three-phase voltage U, three-phase current I, frequency Hz, power P, power factor COSφ, electrical Ep, remote equipment operating status and other data.
Data processing is mainly to display the electrical parameters collected according to the requirements to users in real time and accurately, to achieve the automation and intelligence requirements of power distribution monitoring, and at the same time to store the collected data into the database for user query.
2.2 The human-computer interaction system provides a simple, easy-to-use and good user interface. Adopt full Chinese interface, CAD graphics display the main electrical wiring diagram of low-voltage power distribution system, display the status of the power distribution system equipment and corresponding real-time operating parameters, the screen regularly polling switch; real-time dynamic refresh of the screen; analog display; switch display; continuous Record display, etc.
2.3 Fault alarm and accident recall When an operation fault occurs in the power distribution system, an audible and visual alarm will be issued promptly to prompt the user to respond to the fault circuit in a timely manner, and at the same time automatically record the time and place of the event to be queried by the user to recall the cause of the fault.
2.4 The establishment and query of the database mainly completes the remote measurement and the regular collection of remote traffic, and establishes a database, and generates reports regularly for users to query and print.
2.5 User authority management For different levels of users, set different authority groups to prevent the loss of production and life due to human misoperation, and realize the safe and reliable operation of the power distribution system.
2.6 The operating load curve regularly collects the incoming line and important loop current load parameters, and automatically generates the operating load trend curve, which is convenient for users to understand the operating load status of the equipment in time.
2.7 Energy cost management Automatically perform daily, monthly, and annual electrical energy statistics. You can set the peak, peak, flat, and valley time periods, realize the time-sharing charging function, and generate daily, monthly, and annual reports.

3 Case analysis The low-voltage distribution system of the Jiading District Judicial Center in Shanghai mainly has 8 10 / 0.4 kV distribution transformers and 2 emergency generators. This system is mainly responsible for real-time dynamic monitoring of low-voltage incoming lines and corresponding distribution circuits.
The incoming circuit adopts PZxx-E4 / KC, which can measure three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active energy, reactive energy and other electrical parameters, and has 4 channels Photoelectric isolation switch input contacts and 2 relay control output contacts, with RS485 communication interface.
The distribution circuit adopts PZxx-AI3 / KC, which can measure three-phase current, with 4-channel photoelectric isolation switch input contacts and 2-channel relay control output contacts, with RS485 communication interface.
The high-voltage power distribution system mainly monitors the operating status of the high-voltage circuit. Red represents closing and green represents opening; and three-phase current and line voltage are dynamically displayed on the screen. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 1 # (Public Security Bureau) high voltage distribution system diagram

The low-voltage distribution system mainly monitors the electrical parameters of the operating equipment, including: incoming three-phase current, power, power, electric energy, frequency and other electrical parameters and the three-phase current of the outgoing circuit, see Figure 3.

Figure 3 T1 transformer low voltage distribution system diagram

System communication status chart, you can view the communication operation of each device of the system in real time, see Figure 4.

Figure 4 1 # (Public Security Bureau) distribution room communication status

Remote meter reading function, complete the real-time remote meter reading function of each main circuit, see Figure 5.

Figure 5 Remote meter reading

Energy report function, according to the time period, you can query the power consumption of each loop, and print the report regularly, see Figure 6.

Figure 6 Energy report

The trend curve can visually check the load operation of the circuit, see Figure 7.

Figure 7 Trend curve

Event record function, event record alarm can be viewed in real-time history, see Figure 8.

Figure 8 Event record

4 Equipment and investment The total cost of the system hardware including the acquisition device, power supply, workstation host, printing equipment, system software, and weak current installation and construction according to the actual situation on site is about 140,000 yuan. The data of each link of the power distribution can be displayed centrally through the monitoring host, which is convenient for the distribution management personnel to find the fault of the power distribution in time, calculate the power consumption data on a monthly basis, and forward it to the BAS of the building automatic control system to facilitate overall scheduling. Compared with the traditional electrician meter reading and statistics, an additional investment is made, but the degree of intelligence is greatly improved, saving the investment of human capital. It saves the burden of on-site meter reading by duty personnel, and has the advantages of less investment, concise and practical, and easy intelligent management.

5 Conclusion
Acrel-3000 power management system has the advantages of good versatility, high reliability, flexible configuration and so on, and has been successfully applied in the Jiading Judicial Center project. With the popularization of computer information technology, the requirements for the intelligentization of low-voltage distribution are becoming higher and higher. Substation monitoring and control and low-voltage distribution management make the realization of unattended in the distribution room really become a reality. Management analysis of historical operating data and status is convenient for maintenance personnel to clarify equipment status, formulate detailed equipment maintenance plan, reduce manpower investment, improve work efficiency, and thus reduce operating costs of the entire system.

[1] "Principle and Application Guide of Electric Power Measurement Digital Instruments", Ren Zhicheng, Zhou Zhong, China Power Press

About the Author:

Yu Jing, female, undergraduate, engineer of Wuhan Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd., the main research direction is intelligent power monitoring and power management system

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