Li Keqiang must announce that nuclear power must be started before the end of the year

According to a report on July 31, Premier Li Keqiang stated at a recent meeting that "it must be started before the end of the (nuclear power)." As this time window gradually approaches, the atmosphere on the strings becomes increasingly strong. From the National “Two Conferences” to the National Energy Committee meeting to the Central Financial and Economic Leadership Group meeting, the specific expression of several positions has also been upgraded from the “steadily and orderly advancement of nuclear power construction” to “hastenly started the construction of new nuclear power projects in the eastern coastal areas”. "Accelerate the pace of approval of a batch of nuclear power projects."

In view of the fact that inland nuclear power will not be built during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, nuclear power projects that are likely to start this year will be from CAM1400 Demonstration Project of Sanmen II, Haiyang II, Lufeng Phase I, Xudabao Phase I, and Shandong Rongcheng CAP1400. In the third phase of Fuqing and the second phase of Hongyanhe. Among them, the highest priority is Rongcheng’s CAP1400 project.

According to the Chinese government’s "Mid-term and long-term development plan for nuclear power," China's follow-up nuclear power projects will mainly adopt three generations of AP1000 and its re-innovation technology. At present, more than 10 units using AP1000/CAP1000 and CAP1400 are undergoing government assessment and are about to be approved. Among the above seven nuclear power projects that have obtained “small roads” and are expected to be approved for start-up within the year, AP1000 technology has been adopted in Phase III of Phase 2, Phase II of Haiyang, Phase I of Lufeng and Phase I of Xudabao. The large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor major project CAP1400 is based on this technology and has an "upgraded version" of China's independent intellectual property rights.

On July 18, National Nuclear Power News spokesman and chief information officer Guo Hongbo said that once the CAP1400 demonstration project has obtained the start of construction permit, it is fully in a position to implement the first tank concrete irrigation (FCD) before the winter. The agency expects that the market for nuclear power, conventional islands, and auxiliary equipment will usher in opportunities for expansion in the wake of the launch of domestic nuclear power projects and exports from overseas markets. According to the 58 million kilowatts of business and 30 million kilowatts of installed capacity in 2020, the total investment in nuclear power equipment is expected to reach 480 billion yuan. The restart of nuclear power projects will contribute to the improvement of the industry's economic prosperity. The nuclear power concept stocks such as Jiangsu Shentong, Tanjong Stock, Jiulite Materials, China Yizhong, China Nuclear Technology, and Dongfang Zirconium are worthy of attention.

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