1 Introduction

Smart home is a living environment for people. It is equipped with a smart home system on the platform of the house to make family life more secure, energy-saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable. Taking residential as a platform, it utilizes integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, and smart home-system design scheme security technology.

Smart home

Automatic control technology, audio and video technology integrates home-related facilities, builds efficient management systems for residential facilities and family schedules, enhances home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and achieves an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient living environment.

Also known as smart home, it is commonly used in Smart Home abroad. And smart home meaning approximation have home automation (Home Automation), electronic home (Electronic Home, E-home) , digital home (Digital Family), a home network (Home Net / Networks for Home) , a network of home (Network Home), smart home / building (intelligent home / building), in China's Hong Kong and Taiwan and other regions, as well as digital home, digital home and other known methods.

The smart home system makes it easy to enjoy life. Going out, you can remotely control your home smart system by phone or computer, for example, turn on the air conditioner and water heater in your home on the way home. When you open the door, the system will automatically open the aisle light with the magnetic or infrared sensor. At the same time, open the electronic door lock, security disarm, open the lighting fixtures and curtains in the home to welcome your return; back home, use the remote control to easily control the various electrical equipment in the room, you can choose the preset through the intelligent lighting system The lighting scene, the study creates a comfortable and quiet study room; the bedroom creates a romantic lighting atmosphere... All of this, the owner can sit on the sofa and operate with ease, a controller can remotely control everything in the house, such as pulling curtains and releasing water to the bath And automatically adjust the water temperature to adjust the state of curtains, lighting, sound; the kitchen is equipped with a video phone, you can cook while picking up the phone or see the visitors at the door; when the company goes to work, the situation at home can also be displayed On the computer or mobile phone in the office, check it at any time; the door machine has a photo [1]

2, traceability

On March 10, 1999, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced the "Venus Plan" in Shenzhen. This is a solution for digital home appliances tailored to China's information industry and home appliance market. The goal is to develop a new Microsoft Windows CE-based system that combines computing, entertainment, education, communication, communications, and web surfing. The biggest feature of its products is that it is cheap, easy to learn and use, and can meet the needs of non-PC (personal computer, microcomputer) users to use computers and Internet. It is a product between computers and home appliances.

3, characteristics

Random lighting

Control random lighting control, adjust the lighting of all rooms with a few button presses, all kinds of fantasy lights, you can create as you like! The intelligent lighting system has a soft start function, which can make the light become brighter and darker. The light dimming can realize the brightening and dimming function, so that you can share the warmth and romance with your family, and at the same time have the effect of energy saving and environmental protection; It is easy to realize one-button full-off and one-button full-open function of lamps and appliances, and has brightness memory function.

Simple installation

Smart home systems can be easily installed without having to break the partitions, without having to buy new electrical equipment, and the system can be fully connected to existing electrical equipment in your home, such as lights, telephones and appliances. Various appliances and other intelligent subsystems can be operated at home or fully remotely.


The smart home system is an expandable system. Initially, your smart home system can be connected to only lighting devices or commonly used electrical devices, and can be connected to other devices in the future to meet new smart living needs.

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