In recent days, Jingsheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. said that the company has started to invest in sapphire equipment in Inner Mongolia. The first batch has arrived and is ready to start production. The annual plan is 100 sets of equipment, mainly based on 65kg.

Earlier, the company's securities department said that the first batch of 32 sapphire furnaces of Inner Mongolia Jinghuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. has been put in place and installed, and is currently in the debugging stage.

At present, the company's first phase of 100 sapphire furnaces is mainly for the market of LED substrates that have been optimistic and have been growing steadily in the next few years. Of course, if the market is enlarged in other applications such as mobile phone mirrors, watch mirrors, etc. Will enter the market.

Jingsheng Electromechanical has been laid out earlier in the sapphire industry. The sapphire crystal growth furnace has been successfully developed. The company and Zhonghuan jointly established Jinghuan Electronics in Inner Mongolia to produce sapphire. The company holds 80% of the shares. Considering the large correlation between the use of sapphire equipment and the production process, the company plans not to sell sapphire furnaces, but to produce sapphire itself. With the growing demand for sapphire and the gradual release of the company's production capacity, the sapphire business will be one of the major increases in the company's later period.

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