LED packaging factory Dongbei announced a consolidated revenue of NT$800 million in July, which was 26% and 27% higher than the same period last year and last month. It is expected that revenues in August and September are expected to continue to increase.

Dongbei said that the growth of revenue in July was mainly due to the new version of the lighting bulbs. Since July, mass production has been carried out. In response to the mass production of new lighting products, the bulb products have been revised in the last quarter, and the demand has been greatly increased. Increased lighting production capacity, including complete equipment and materials, continued to shine in August and September.

In addition, in terms of backlight products, small and medium-sized mobile communication products, due to the high color gamut products, have been favored by customers. The orders received in the third quarter were higher than expected, and the revenue in July was also helpful. The overall performance in the third quarter is estimated to be visible. The revenue grew month by month.

Dongbei said that the overall LED bulb lighting demand in North America has shown multiple growth this year. Sales of North America's "Energy Star" adopts more stringent standards for Omnidirectional bulb products. The new specifications will be at the end of the third quarter of this year. Previous implementation, the bulb products mainly supplied to the North American channel were completely revised before the end of the second season. The new products will be mass-produced in July to meet the requirements of the new generation of ENERGY STAR standards, and it is estimated that the new products will also be at the end of the third season. Complete the ENERGY STAR certification before applying for a price subsidy.

In addition to the emphasis on size, thinness and high image quality, this year's mainstream backlight products also enhance the performance of the ultra-high color gamut (WCG, WideColor Gamut), and the color performance of the screen can be improved through the high color gamut LED backlight products. Lively and vivid, in the first half of this year, international manufacturers have introduced the WCG high-color gamut application into the flagship model of the brand, including mobile communication products such as smart phones and tablet products. More mobile phone brands and models will be expected in the second half of the year. Importing apps will be highly competitive for revenue.

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