1. What is a hard cat? What is a soft cat?

Modem is mainly composed of processor and "data pump" in the core structure. The processor is responsible for the instruction control of the Modem, and the "data pump" is responsible for the underlying algorithm of the Modem. If the modem's processor and "data pump" are all implemented on the card, this modem card is a "hard cat" in the usual sense. Its main feature is that it does not use the resources of the computer host and can be used under DOS. Such as: Net EDVM-CD56, EDVM-D56, EDVM-D56S, IDVM-ED56 (2818), IDVM-CD56 are all hard cats.

Softcat just uses the powerful computing power of the current CPU and uses software to replace the functions of the original Modem control module. The primary purpose of this is to save the modem control chip and related circuits; another purpose is to use system resources more efficiently; due to the reduction of electronic components on the modem board, the soft cat saves energy and reduces heat. For example: Neta IDVM-WD56, IDVM-ED56 (2838) are all soft cats.

2. What are the reasons that cause MODEM to go offline? How to improve?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the possible causes of the dropout caused by MODEM:

(1) The quality of the telephone line is not good. Data communication has much higher requirements on the line than voice communication, so occasionally it is inevitable to drop the line. In addition, the increase in the distance of indoor telephone lines and incorrect wiring will also affect the quality of the line, resulting in dropped connections. In response to this, users should ask the telecom bureau to check the telephone line to ensure the quality of the telephone line.

(2) If your phone has a new feature called "call waiting" for program-controlled telephones, whenever a call comes in, the modem will be disturbed and disconnected. In addition, if a telephone line is connected to other peripherals such as a fax machine, it will also affect the communication line. In response to this, users should cancel the "call waiting" function and try to remove other devices connected to the phone line.

Or simply apply for a special telephone line for Internet access.

(3) When you are reading the downloaded web page, if there is no other data transmitted, the system will think for you, that is, when the line is idle for more than a certain time, it will automatically disconnect to save your Internet expenses .

(4) Temporary invalidation of the data terminal ready (DTR) signal will cause disconnection. If the DTR signal is invalid for longer than the modem default setting, it will cause a disconnection. For this, you can use the AT command (ATS10 = 200) to change this setting in the HyperTerminal.

(5) If the modem cannot correctly distinguish whether it is a real disconnection of the remote modem, or a temporary carrier loss caused by unexpected line interference, it will also cause a disconnection. In response to this, you can use the AT command (ATS25 = 100) to change the setting in the HyperTerminal (of course MODEM only supports this command). .

In addition, the quality of a handful of modems and compatibility issues between different modems are also a common cause of modem dropouts.

3. What is V.90?

V.90 is a 56Kbps data transmission standard formulated by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It enables modems to receive data at up to 56Kbps on the standard public switched telephone network (PSTN). Overcoming the theoretical speed limit on traditional analog modems, the V.42bis compression scheme is used to further improve data throughput.

4. What is the V.92 technical standard? What are the characteristics?

The V.92 technical standard is a new 56K Internet connection standard announced by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It has functions such as Quick Connect, Modem-On-Hold, and Upstream.

The Quick Connect function is a bit similar to the "Continuous Line" function of the broadband access solution, allowing the dial-up modem to quickly connect to the ISP (by recording the information of the first connection, the central office modem and the client modem are connected the next time In the process, it can significantly shorten the connection establishment time). The call waiting (Modem-On-Hold) function provides convenience for users to transmit data and voice on the same phone line, so that users can answer and make calls while the modem is connected. When a user answers or makes a call during a dial-up connection, the server-side modem can wait for a short period of time (up to 16 minutes) without disconnecting the connection. After the phone is hung up, the dial-up connection between the client and the remote end is restored. If you are on the Internet and a call comes in, you can answer the call without disconnecting the network connection, and then hang up, then you can go online normally. The fast upload (Upstream) function accelerates the user's data transmission (upload) speed to the ISP, reducing the user's time to upload large files and email attachments. In addition, if the user's phone has a caller ID function, a V.92 standard modem will also be supported. Wanda WD-WD56 (11252) fully tested V.92 after being tested by Beijing 263.

5. How to initialize external modem?

Refer to the MODEM manual and specify the MODEM initialization command: (The following takes WIN98 as an example)

Open "Phone and Modem Options" in the "Control Panel"

On the Modem tab, click the modem you want to configure.

Click "Properties" and then "Advanced" options.

In "Extra initialization command", type the command sent to the modem during initialization.


For the WIN98 operating system, to open the "Control Panel" item, click "Start", point to "Settings", click "Control Panel", and then double-click the corresponding icon.

For the WIN2000 operating system, to complete the process, you must log in as an administrator or a member of the administrator group. If your computer is connected to a network, network rule settings may also prevent you from completing the process.

Please type the command according to the content actually sent, without extra spaces and characters. No AT prefix is ​​required.

The commands entered here are sent after the standard initialization command of the selected modem. This allows you to change the operation or configuration of the modem through communication software as needed, or to communicate with a service provider. For more information on modem identification commands, please refer to the Modem instruction manual document.

6. Can Modem send and receive faxes? How to send and receive faxes with Modem?

All modems of Netacom support the fax function. When using the fax function, first need a fax communication software, such as: Bitware, Supervoice, etc., need to pay attention to Bitware only WINDOWS98 version, can not be used on WINDOWS2000 or higher system, but Win2000 and later versions come with powerful Fax software.

BitWare is a fax software that integrates sending and receiving faxes, viewing faxes, managing faxes, voice calls, telephone answering, voice management, and address book management. It is very suitable for home users. Through BitWare you will be able to better play the function of Modem.

7. What do the external MODEM front panel lights mean?

A9: There are 8 external Modem indicators, the functions are as follows:

PWR: Power indicator light, always on after power on

CTS: indicates that the modem is ready.

AA: Indicates whether the Modem can automatically answer outside calls.

DTR: indicates that the modem is connected to the terminal.

OH: When the modem goes off-hook, it lights up.

DCD: When lit, it means that the modem is connected.

TD: When flashing, it means that the terminal transmits data to the modem.

RD: When flashing, it means that the modem is transmitting data to the terminal.

8. How does the external MODEM observe the status of the MODEM through the signal indicator?

Wanda external MODEM does not need to be connected to the computer, power on the MODEM separately, the PWR and CTS lights should be on, otherwise the Modem may have problems in hardware.

The DTR light will be on when the terminal is ready (the program using MODEM has started). If the computer sends a command to the Modem, the DTR light is off. It means that there is a problem with the computer's serial port or serial line (under the normal Modem).

If there is a pull-in ringer from outside, the AA lamp will light up once. At this time, when S0 is not equal to 0, the AA light will be on, and the Modem can automatically answer external calls. Otherwise, you can only answer the call manually by going off-hook.

After off-hook, OH will be on. The DCD light will be on when there is a carrier. After the connection, if the DCD lamp is not bright or the brightness is much darker than normal, and it flashes frequently, there may be a line failure or poor received signal quality, and the carrier signal level is not within the specified range. If the TD and RD lights keep on when you browse, then congratulations: your modem and network are in the best state.

When installing the MODEM, sometimes the system cannot find the MODEM. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether the RD and TD lights flash a few times when the system automatically detects the MODEM. If not, you can use the manual addition method to install it. driver.

When you browse, CTS, DTR, OH, DCD will all light, SD, RD will flash. When the value of S0 is not 0, the AA lamp will also light.

9. Why does the system pause for a short time when my PCI modem dials up?

PCI card modems generally belong to soft MODEM or semi-soft MODEM. Only a few are hard MODEM. During operation, they will inevitably occupy a certain amount of CPU resources and require the CPU to process and issue a series of instructions to it. This virtually slows down the CPU's processing speed of other programs, so there will be a pause. This kind of phenomenon is normal in the use of MODEM, and it will become less and less obvious as the computer configuration improves.

10. Why can't my 56K modem reach the ideal connection speed?

56K is a theoretical rate, and its requirements on the line are approximately harsh. Compared with the current line situation in China, it is almost impossible to achieve. When the built-in PCI MOEM has a better line, the connection speed can generally reach about 50K. However, the connection speed and stability of MODEM are coordinated with each other. Due to the many influencing factors, you can analyze and improve for the following reasons:

1. The driver is not installed correctly. When you install MODEM, if the detected MODEM does not match your actual installation, you should choose to change and then select the correct model. Enter the drive path provided by the manufacturer.

2. The connection speed of MODEM depends largely on the quality of your telephone signal and line. You can pay attention to whether there is noise when making a call. If there is, you should ask the telecom bureau to check the line. In addition, you should remove any other equipment on the phone line, including extensions, splitters, etc. Equal radiation sources, because these will make the cat unable to reliably transmit data and appropriately reduce the connection rate.

3. For the built-in MODEM, you also need to consider the effects of internal interference, power quality, and static electricity on the chassis. To ensure that the chassis Power Supply is grounded, the MODEM card is far away from radiation sources such as graphics cards and CPUs, and the power quality of the computer is reliable.

4. If the ISP ’s MODEM cannot support the 56K protocol, or is not too compatible with your MODEM, it will also prevent your MODEM from running at a higher rate. For the latter, you can try another ISP account!

11. How to speed up the network login speed while surfing the Internet?

Taking WIN98 as an example, MODEM login network includes two stages:

The first stage is to log in to the network from dialing to checking the password. During this process, your modem will emit a burst of howling. Your modem and the server of the other party will continue to shake hands to establish a connection. The length of this process mainly depends on the quality of the signal, including line quality, interference in this unit, the anti-interference ability and performance of your MODEM and the other party's MODEM. Because the connection of MODEM is generally started from 56K, and then continue to decline to adapt to the line conditions in order to establish a reliable connection with the other MODEM. The more stable the line conditions, the shorter the connection establishment speed. If your line is insufficient to support more than 33.6K, you can use the speed-down command to establish a connection from a lower rate.

In the second stage, the login window disappears and the connection window disappears. A small icon showing the connection status appears in the lower right corner. The time used for this process is related to the performance of the other party's server and the local settings. You can remove the checkmark before the default "Log on to the network" and remove "" Under the "Allowed network protocols" checkbox under "NETBEUI and IPX / SPX compatible". This can shorten the window time when "Logging on to the network" is displayed.

12. Why can I hear the other party's voice when using the cat to dial the Internet, but the other party cannot hear me?

If you want to realize the function of using a cat to call on the Internet, you must first have the following conditions:

1. Hardware support To use the MODEM to make a call, you first need your MODEM to support the audio full-duplex function, so you must purchase a MODEM that supports the full-duplex function. Does the MODEM you purchased support full-duplex? The easiest way to distinguish is to observe whether there are SPEAKER and MIC jacks on the MODEM. If there is, it may be supported by hardware; if not, it is a pity that your modem only supports fax and voice messages and cannot be used to make phone calls.

2. Hardware connection (MODEM card and its driver have been installed and correct):
Plug the microphone into the MIC interface on the MODEM, and the speaker connector into the SPEAKER interface on the MODEM (you may plug in headphones, but since the MODEM itself does not have an amplifier, it is best to use headphones with its own amplifier, using ordinary headphones will make the volume too low And affect the use, relatively speaking, the speaker will be better).

3. Software installation:
Calling with MODEM can be divided into two forms:
1. Make an ordinary call:
The cost and function of making such calls through MODEM are the same as those of ordinary phones, but the earphones (speakers) and microphones of ordinary phones are replaced. When using, the corresponding communication software must be installed first.

2. Make an IP call;
The use of MODEM to make such calls is to transmit voice information through the Internet in the form of data, so the cost is lower. It can be divided into PC-PC and PC-Phone due to different software. The former can only dial a computer on the Internet, while the latter can dial any ordinary phone, such as PC2Phone, Internet, etc. The software that supports this type of phone is mostly shareware, and major software websites provide downloads. However, when using it, most software requires users to register and pay. For the specific installation and use, please refer to the software's Readme or documentation.

Therefore, for the problems mentioned in the title, first of all, it can be determined that the MODEM that can hear the other party ’s speech can meet the above three conditions. There should be no problems. You can focus on the MODEM that cannot hear the speech to see if it is completely Meet the above mentioned hardware and software requirements. If it is not satisfied, the two-party call function cannot be realized. In addition, pay attention to check whether the line is unobstructed. In addition, it is recommended that you use WINDOWS "recorder" program to test whether your MIC is normal.

13. What should 56KMODEM do when the line signal is not good?

First of all, in the property settings of the MODEM, the connection speed should not be specified too high. You can reduce the speed of the MODEM in the "Settings" in the "Properties" of the "Dial-Up Networking".

Secondly, you can consult the following standards of the ISP's access equipment, whether it is K56FLEX, X2 or V9.0, you can find out whether the chip manufacturer has the latest driver release, and installing the latest driver is often a good way to increase the Internet speed .

Third, you can adjust the waiting time in the MODEM properties to be longer, otherwise the phenomenon of frequent disconnection will occur due to the bad line and the MODEM waiting time is too long.

Fourth, if you install too many network communication protocols in your computer, it will have a certain impact on your Internet speed. Seriously, you ca n’t even open the webpage to browse webpage information. You can enter the "Control Panel" and use the mouse to select "Network", "delete" the redundant protocols. Internet only needs to keep a TCP / IP protocol (this is one of the common languages ​​for computers to communicate with each other).

The adoption of the above methods usually helps greatly to improve the speed of MODEM Internet access.

14. Why does the speed of the Internet decrease after I receive a call from the PHONE port of the modem?

This phenomenon is generally caused by the interference of the phone to the MODEM. Some phones now have an anti-theft function. The phone itself is a communication device. If it is connected to the MODEM, it may cause a certain degree of transmission of the MODEM. interference.

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