Circuit of wireless remote control device for bedroom appliances

Transmitter: The encoding is done by LC2190. S1-S6 are launch keys.

There's various Led Wall Decor products in this collection, as a prefessional clock manufacturer, we have developed a new comprehensive collection for wall decor, which is lighting products related, currently we have Lighted Wall Decor clock, LED Wall Decor clock and more clocks with light as lighting decorations.

This collection is especially new for both clock and lighting industry, it's applicable for household use, for bar decoration, coffee shop, bookstore wall decoration, office wall decoration, school decoration, shopping mall decoration and conference room etc.

For us, clock is far more than a subject to read time, but a piece of art, art of time, art of the table and a wall art.

Please don't hesitate to share with us any of your brilliant idea when watch these timepiece working, one of the most important responsibility of our great team is to make your idea into reality...

LED Wall Decor

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