Recently, the 2014 Shanghai Quality Gold Awards List was announced, including Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. Organizations and individuals are on the list, covering all aspects of social life, including LED, people's livelihood, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, and electric power.

The Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award represents the highest quality honor in Shanghai. The quality management level of the award-winning organizations is relatively high. The economic and social benefits are in a leading position in the city and the country, and they have a benchmark role. The assessment work is led by the Shanghai Municipal Government, and is carried out in an orderly manner on the basis of voluntary declarations by organizations and individuals, and recommended by relevant departments. After qualification examination, data review, on-site assessment, comprehensive evaluation, approval by the Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Awards Review Committee and public announcement The assessment, finalized, and the selection of the layers were extremely strict, and the gold content of the award was created.

The annual Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Awards review activities will lead the whole society to form a quality competition. This is of great significance for enhancing the quality awareness of various industries, improving the construction of social quality rule of law, and promoting the effective operation of the quality supervision system. Promote the rapid development of the economy and society. The Shanghai Government Quality Award for the selection of Shanghai Sansi Awards is also an affirmation of the quality of LED industry.

Quality is a concentrated reflection of the comprehensive strength of a country and region. It is also the key to the LED industry to achieve innovation-driven development and LED companies to enhance their competitiveness. Only by attaching great importance to quality construction, continuously improving the quality management level, and firmly establishing quality is the concept of life. LED industry and social economic development can explore a new path of sustainable and healthy development, for the development of innovation and the construction of “four centers”. Make greater contributions to the construction of the Science and Technology Center.

OEM is "original equipment manufacturer" which means the battery is identical to what was originally supplied with the phone. Non-OEM is a battery made by a different company that reverse-engineered the original battery and started producing functionally-equivalent copies for sale into the same application.

There is no hard and fast rule, but generally people perceive OEM to be higher quality and more reliable than non-OEM, as a result pricing will often be higher for OEM Batteries. Batteries are difficult to manufacture consistently because minor variations in water content (parts per million) and minor mis-matching of the anode and cathode capacities (produced by micron thickness variations in coating processes) cause substantial cycle life reduction in the final battery. It could be the difference between getting 100 cycles out of a battery (not to hard) versus 500 (more challenging). OEM's might have a higher reject rate of marginal batteries, which leads to higher costs on the ones that do pass.

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