Many friends have used the TV box for some time. There are always unsatisfactory places. The ROOT will be given to the box. Because there are many ROOT methods on various boxes on the Internet, some of them will inevitably have some root failures. Methods or fake root methods that use these invalid root method boxes become bricks. When the box root declares that the failure has become a brick, is it not enough to regret it? It is not afraid to change bricks. Xiao Bian is using Baidu Shadow Stick 2S+ as an example today! Teach you how to rescue yourself after root failed.

Turn off the power and press the left arrow of the remote control until it enters the following interface

Key points:
1. When you click it, it's not moving
2. Click faster
3. The remote controller is close to the shadow stick

The Baidu shadow stick 2S+ firmware into the U disk plug in the USB interface, perform the following operations
1.apply update from EXT

2.update from udisk

3. Select your own Brush Pack, click the remote control OK button (My is, do not power off the brush process)

Brush complete as shown below

Unplug the U disk on the Baidu shadow stick 2S+, select reboot system now restart Note: Remote control left key map

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S+ Firmware [url=] Download Address [/url]

0.6L Food Choppers

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