At the "China International Green Procurement Seminar" held yesterday, China's State Environmental Protection Administration and representatives of various governments discussed the issue of government green procurement. The time is ripe for China to establish a government green procurement system. Under the conditions of the experience and lessons of developed countries, China will also establish its own green procurement system and formulate a government green procurement list. “Government green procurement” refers to the selection of products and services that meet the national green standards in the government procurement process. In the procurement process, from research and development, to production, packaging, transportation, to use, to the whole process of disposal. To meet environmental requirements. Although China's environmental labeling program has been in operation for more than a decade, more than 1,000 companies and more than 18,000 products have passed environmental label certification, but the government has not implemented green procurement in actual procurement. It is reported that China's current government procurement, the content has been very rich, ranging from telephones, copiers, lighting equipment, to vehicles and ships, all need to purchase more water-saving, energy-saving, low-emission, low-noise products. This seminar is to develop a government green procurement system in China through extensive reference to foreign advanced government procurement policies. When the reporter asked when the government's green procurement list could be worked out, Liu Zunwen, director of the R&D department of the Environmental Protection Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration, told reporters: "The legislation on green procurement of the government has been started from the start to completion. Korea has spent 2 years, Thailand. It took three years, and today’s seminar marks the beginning of China’s legislation on green procurement.”


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