Recently, some of the lighting lamps in the underground parking lot of the Wuhua District Government Building have been "changed," and LED lights have been used. This is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Entering the underground parking lot of the Wuhua District Government Building, the white light emitted from the top of the head will brighten the entire parking lot. Looking upwards along the white light, you will find carefully that some of the lighting fixtures shine more brightly than the surrounding fluorescent lamps. These brightly lit lighting lamps are recently replaced LED environmental protection energy-saving lamps in Wuhua District.

Recently, the Wuhua District Organ Affairs Management Center invested more than 50,000 yuan, and piloted some 200 lighting fixtures in the external service hall on the first floor of the Office Building and Social Security Bureau, and selected 70 LED lamps in the underground parking lot of the government building. Power consumption monitoring. The monitoring found that before the renovation of the lighting fixtures, the underground parking lot of the Wuhua District Government Building had a power consumption of 62 degrees for 24 hours and a power consumption of 1860 degrees per month. After installing a new generation of energy-saving lighting products, 70-inch LED lights consume only 30 degrees in 24 hours, saving 32 degrees in one day and saving 11680 degrees in one year.

In general, an 18-watt LED lamp can match the lighting of a 36-watt fluorescent lamp. According to Li Yalei, director of the Wuhua District Organ Affairs Management Center and deputy director of the District Public Administration Energy Conservation Office, according to the electricity price approved by the power supply department of Kunming City, the electricity price of 70 yuan per day can be saved at RMB 0.8 yuan per degree. 768 yuan. In theory, saving 1 kWh of electricity per day would save 0.404 kg of standard coal and reduce 0.272 kg of carbon dust, 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide, and 0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide. According to this conversion relationship, the 70-inch LED lamp can save 12.93 tons of standard coal per day, reduce 8.7 tons of dust emissions, 31.9 tons of carbon dioxide, and 0.96 tons of sulfur dioxide.

Following the transformation of the faucets of the office building, the transformation of lighting fixtures was another attempt by the Wuhua District Authority Affairs Management Center. Li Yalei said that from the monitoring data, Wuhua has achieved remarkable results in the pilot transformation of lighting fixtures. At present, combined with the pilot work of the contract energy management model, the Wuhua District will continue to promote the use of LED lighting in institutions and institutions.

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