Appliances go to the countryside for the large enterprises in the eyes of tasteless The home appliances going to the countryside policy that has been promoted nationwide since February 2009 is drawing to a close. Recently, the last round of tenders held in Beijing was as lively as ever. All home appliance industry groups, second- and third-tier home appliance companies, and even some new faces in the home appliance industry appeared on the bidding scene. However, the difference from the past is that the mentality of the small and medium-sized enterprises of this time has been divided. Some large-scale enterprise representatives revealed that the participation in the final round of bidding for the countryside is actually going through the motions. It is hoped that the countryside policy will be stopped as soon as possible.

This reporter learned that at the bidding site, many bidding companies are full-time. A person in charge of a comprehensive household electrical appliance company said: "Full investment is positive, but in fact, it has been bleak for the last round of the countryside, and it is to deal with it. The first few rounds of home appliances to rural enterprises earned a lot, if the last round If you don’t come to town, you’ll be jealous.”

Another senior large-scale appliance group executive who did not wish to be named added: “Not only is it necessary to cope, but we also hope that home appliances will be stopped as soon as possible in the countryside, and dealers in the three or four-tier market will have a serious resistance to home appliances going to the countryside”. Because according to the provisions of home appliances to the countryside the amount of subsidies are paid by the dealers first, and then the local finances to the dealers. However, due to various reasons, local government subsidies have not been fulfilled, and home appliances to the countryside have caused these dealers to suffer heavy losses.

The implementation of home appliances to the countryside was very obvious. Although experienced a global financial crisis in 2009, exports fell sharply, but driven by the national home appliances to the countryside, trade-in and other new policies, the performance of China's home appliance companies did not decrease. Home appliances to the countryside is a space for the growth of small brands, distinguished, Omar and other companies in the countryside to come to the fore, of which Omar has successfully landed on the capital market.

It is past gratifying results that many small brands attach particular importance to this last tender. In the air-conditioning tender site there are many new brands emerging, such as this year just entered the air-conditioning area of ​​Soi, Ripu, Putian, etc., the main force of the washing machine, the refrigerator brand Meiling also introduced air-conditioning products to participate in the tender. According to Wang Jinliang, vice president of the China Refrigeration Group's China Marketing Headquarters, who participated in the bidding, these small companies hope that through the final round of bidding, the brand will enter the consumers' eyes and lay the foundation for future development.

It is not clear that the “going to the countryside” in the coming year will bring much vitality to these small brands, but it is not difficult to see from the attitude of large companies that they are passive in their bids for tenders. They have already had a market operation after the end of the policy. ready. Many of these companies have extended their own channels to the 3rd and 4th markets. Midea, Haier, Changhong and other companies have accelerated the pace of opening franchised stores in the 3rd and 4th markets since this year.

Peng Ye, director of Zhongkang Market, pointed out that in the past, due to the small demand for white electricity in the rural market, white power manufacturers have left many blank spots in the 3rd and 4th markets. Recently, taking the United States and Haier as the representative store expansion activities in the three or four markets, in fact, has an integrated significance.


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