In 2011, the Zhuke High-Tech Industry Forum was held on the 1st. Zhou Jingyang, the vice chairman of the National Science Council, Lu Chaoqun, the chairman of Wuchuang (5351), and Wu Minqiu, the chairman of Wanghong (2337), were invited to the meeting. Zhou Jingyang lamented the serious shortage of patents for Taiwanese manufacturers and emphasized that the government will focus more on forward-looking technology research and development, technology transfer, and patent layout in the future, and cultivate cross-disciplinary talents. Lu Chaoqun disagreed with the four "miserable" industries that the recent market ridiculed. He did not think it was "miserable." Because all the semiconductor industries have joined together, they are still better than Samsung. In the future, Taiwan's science and technology industry should develop both hard and soft.

Zhou Jingyang, the vice chairman of the National Science Council, used the word "he" to describe and emphasize Taiwan's industrial technological innovation development. He believed that "integration" includes integration, convergence, and competition, especially in the integration of cross-process, cross-domain, and hardware and software. attention. In addition, Zhou Jingyang also cited Apple as an example to mention that the industry should integrate technology and marketing markets. In addition, cross-company virtual (real) integration and regional integration are also important.

Zhou Jingyang pointed out that the National Science Council is committed to the integration of production and research. There are about 600 million yuan each year, hundreds of companies and academic cooperation cases, in addition, research and development plans to reach 200 million yuan each year, and SinoTech forward-looking high-tech equipment technology development The plan has reached as much as 1 billion yuan in 4 years; the Nanke biotechnology and medical equipment industry settlement development plan is 1.7 billion yuan in 4 years.

Zhou Jingyang said that in the future, more emphasis will be placed on the cultivation of high-quality talents in various fields, as well as forward-looking technology research and development, technology transfer, and patent layout. He also lamented that Taiwanese manufacturers have a serious shortage of patents. Therefore, they hope to strengthen this piece of technology and research and development, and thus cultivate more cross-disciplinary talents.

Lu Chaoqun, chairman of Chuangchuang, was also invited to give a speech. He pointed out that Chuangchuang will continue to uphold the DRAM business, especially the development technology of the future 3D. The recent development of 3D somatosensory identification chips will increase the value of LCD panels and increase their competitiveness.

In addition, Lu Chaoqun also stressed that he did not agree with the recent allegation that memory is one of the four "miserable" industries and that Taiwan does not have a "miserable" industry, because semiconductors (including manufacturing, design, packaging and testing, and memory) are all industries. Together, it is still a big victory over Samsung.

Lu Chaoqun pointed out that Taiwan’s technology development strategy for the next ten years should emphasize “combining both hard and soft” while developing software and hardware. Taiwan should unite. The memory should enter the field of high added value, and continue to cooperate with the United States and Japan to expand the living space.


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