At present, there are already 12 pilot cities in the triple play network. Each city has a different construction model depending on the environment: there is a three-network integration joint venture model in Wuhan, and each operator has its own construction model. Regardless of the type of route, operators want to use their core resources to their fullest extent and try their best to integrate their resources into their own systems.

Mode 1 forces NGB each other. Compared to the triple-play pilot cities, the NGB network is still late. The network construction has been ahead of schedule because the operators in both areas have their own network resources and implemented before the start of the triple play. Network construction planning.

Specifically, it is the optical network city of radio and television NGB and telecom operators. Both routes started around 2009, and strive to build a complete bearer network nationwide that can efficiently carry triple-play services such as high-definition television, digital audio programs, new interactive services, high-speed data access, and voice. At the same time, it has reliable service guarantees and manageable network operating attributes.

From the perspective of the construction approach, NGB aims to realize the interconnection and two-way interaction of the national digital television network through network transformation and construction. The implementation point is to make existing video resources generate more added value. The optical network city is implementing broadband acceleration and "integration of the two systems" on a relatively complete telecommunications network. Creating an important foundation for a smart city, seamless integration and coverage of multiple broadband access has become a new goal for telecom operators.

From a technical and industrial point of view, both NGB and optical network cities use wavelength division, PON, and fiber optic cable. This forms a certain intersection in technology and industry. In fact, many equipment manufacturers have two plans to supply two fields of operations. Business.

From the perspective of funding sources, because the two solutions belong to the operators in their respective fields, network construction naturally belongs to the sole proprietorship of the operators.

The NGB's recent two-way transformation of the long-term national interconnected NGB is to build a cable digital TV operation network in 36 provinces/cities across the country to form an interoperable backbone network, a metropolitan backbone network, and a two-way adapted cable television access network.

NGB makes full use of the "3TNet" research results in the selection of technology routes. On the physical group network, the NGB network is composed of a backbone network, a metropolitan area network, and an access network. The physical structure of the backbone network consists of an optical transport layer and a data layer.

The interconnect backbone network transmission layer relies on the national backbone cable network to build a "three vertical and three horizontal" wavelength division system. At present, the data layer of the NGB interconnect backbone network has formed eight core point-to-point interconnected networks.

In the metropolitan area network, radio and television have introduced metropolitan area OTN, and a metropolitan area transmission network using DWDM technology has been constructed in each city. The backbone/metropolitan area in the province will adopt a WDM platform.

In the access network, SVA has started a large-scale two-way transformation since last year. The EPON+EoC technology solution is also the most adopted solution. Currently, most domestic system vendors can provide related technical products.

Jiang Wenbo, director of the Broadcasting and Television Planning Institute, said: At present, more NGB deployments should focus on the interaction of local businesses. With the formation of national network companies, NGB attention will shift to cross-domain business development. From Jiang Wenbo's exposition, it can be seen that the two-way reconstruction in the region is still the focus of the current radio and television network (600831, stock bar). With the deepening of the two-way reform, the nationwide network interconnection will become the construction and development of radio and television networks. A goal.

Optical Network City: IPTV and smart cities have joined together to build a three-network convergence network for telecom operators. In addition to providing higher broadband access, IPTV needs to be rapidly developed.

According to the operator's plan, the development of triple play, home users will achieve 20M broadband access in the next 2-3 years, in the future will achieve 50-100M broadband access; commercial users will provide more than 100M access to meet high-speed Internet access, video Conference and other business needs.

From a technical perspective, based on the construction of PON-based broadband networks, operators have already made a lot of choices. Whether it is FTTB or FTTH mode or EPON and GPON product selection, each operator has a more mature guidance program.

In terms of IPTV service development, operators must also enhance the network's ability to support broadcast and multicast, enhance control over converged services, enhance the adaptability of content to networks and terminals, and enhance the security of network information and cultural information security.

Of course, the telecommunication operator's network is not limited to triple play. The goal of the construction of the optical network city is to refer directly to the smart city with a wider scope and concept.

Building a “smart city” requires the deployment of a wired and wireless seamless link and comprehensive coverage of the communications network. This will be the beginning of operators’ convergence of 3G, optical access, Internet of Things, and triple-play converged multi-services and build a unified access platform.

Mode 2 Expedient measures under the joint venture's institutional dilemma On June 30, 2010, Wuhan entered the first batch of 12 triple play pilot cities. On December 16, 2010, Wuhan Sankyo Joint Venture Co., Ltd., established by Wuhan Radio and TV and Wuhan Branch of China Telecom, was announced. The "Wuhan Model" of the "Telecom Five-Fifth Five-Year Joint Venture, and the two sides taking turns in a sit-in" has created a new path for triple play.

The government promotes rotation in the Wuhan model. The government's promotion is an important factor. It is understood that the triple play has been written into the "Guangcheng plan" in Wuhan.

In the process of implementation, the local government plans to achieve breakthroughs in such key links as network procurement, sharing, broadcasting and telecommunication services, and triple-network integration related industries, through measures such as preferential procurement of triple play products and encouraging new buildings to cover optical fibers. To facilitate the smooth implementation of the "Wuhan Model."

Wuhan Radio and TV and Wuhan Branch of China Telecom newly established a joint venture company with a registered capital of about 6 million yuan in the first phase, and telecommunications and radio and television each accounted for 50% of the shares. They regularly take turns as chairman and general manager. In the future business development needs, the two sides will increase capital.

According to reports, the joint venture company will initially launch new value-added services and public information services. When conditions are ripe, it will gradually expand its business scope, explore innovative networks, platform construction and management, and actively promote the entry of both parties' businesses.

Cooperation is more important than joint venture. For both parties, it is more important than the joint venture to carry out business through the joint venture company platform to break through the current limited resources.

In terms of business, the two parties agreed to open sensitive services such as live broadcast on-demand political news and film and television programs, and develop value-added services such as traffic information sharing, hospital registration, and TV shopping, and public information services.

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