Recently, the LED-integrated energy-saving and environment-friendly operating room with international advanced level, built by Chongqing Bangqiao Technology Co., Ltd., was completed and officially put into use in the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. The LED integrated energy-saving and environmentally-friendly operating room that the medical doctor put into use this time brings a comfortable, safe and healthy operating environment to the patient under the LED concept. The newly built operation room of the doctors used the flat panel LED lamp panel of Chongqing Bangqiao Technology Co., Ltd. to provide the operating room and corridor lighting for the hospital. It has high brightness, uniform illumination, soft light, no AC strobe and low noise. , color rendering and other characteristics. The surgical lighting adopts the LED chip shadowless lamp with continuous adjustable color temperature of Bangqiao Company, which achieves the effects of no temperature rise, adjustable color temperature, easy differentiation of fresh tissue and necrotic tissue, high color rendering and uniform illumination, helping doctors improve the quality of surgery. To reduce the risk of surgery.

According to the relevant person in charge of Bangqiao Company, the LED integrated energy-saving and environmentally-friendly clean operating room put into use by the doctors has made demonstrations for other hospitals in China. The clean operating room reduces the postoperative infection rate, improves the success rate of difficult surgery, increases the operating bed utilization rate, and thus improves the cure rate and bed turnover rate. Therefore, since the operation room was put into use, it has been well received by patients and doctors, and the social response is good.


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