The Central University of Taiwan has released new research and development results and successfully developed LED high color encapsulation technology. It hopes that Taiwan will enjoy an important position in the global lighting industry in the future. It also hopes that the government can assist Taiwanese companies to master their own patent rights and pave the way for LED lighting.

Sun Qingcheng, director of the Department of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering at the Central University, explained the research results of the school on the LED cover.

Sun Qingcheng pointed out that the new technology can make the color rendering of the LED packaged products more than 90, which reduces people's troubles in different colors under the eyes.

This technology uses a new fluorescent powder optical model to accurately predict the color temperature performance produced by changes in the phosphor formula. Not only that, but the Central University has also developed a two-color fluorescent powder optical model to develop a new formula of full-color temperature fluorescent powder with a color rendering of more than 90. The Central University pointed out that these technologies have been successfully tested and have a relatively low spatial color shift, which can improve the color temperature control yield of Taiwanese manufacturers, and the Central University will transfer technology to Taiwanese manufacturers.

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