In order to meet the rapid growth of LED customers in 4C products, as the LED industry leader in Taiwan, it is also the first in China to build a complete green energy technology supply chain, Lite-On Technology, recently at the Taipei World Trade Center "Taipei International Photonics Exhibition" , exhibiting a full range of high-efficiency energy-saving and energy-saving LED optoelectronic components products, which have been highly regarded by domestic and foreign visitors, and fully display various applications of Lite-On LED into daily life, such as: game consoles, notebooks, office machines Indoor and outdoor lighting, street lights, etc., with the combination of "technology", "humanity" and "environmental protection" to create a multi-faceted "Guangbao LED Green Life Experience Pavilion".

Zhuang Yuanping, general manager of Guangbao Technology Optoelectronics Group, said that the LED products on display include high-brightness and high-power LEDs for high-performance lighting equipment, LED green backlight modules for liquid crystal display screens, high-color LED backlight applications, and home appliances. The light source LED of the product, the surface-adhesive full-color LED module of the notebook computer product, and the high-speed optical coupling widely used in handheld devices, high-resolution printers, game machines and industrial automation control devices. , finger navigation sensor, analog high-resolution optical encoder, complete infrared data transmission series, environmental brightness sensor for liquid crystal display backlight and proximity sensor, etc., share the research and development capabilities of Lite-On More specific practice of energy saving and carbon reduction love the earth's corporate philosophy.


Wang Yuling, Director of Public Relations of Lite-On Technology, said that in 2010, Lite-On successfully crossed the 4C products to indoor and outdoor lighting products. In addition to the orders for LED street lights in some sections of the domestic expressway, with the demand for TV light sources taking off, the future LED market is optimistic. Infinite business opportunities, compared to 2009, Lite-On's 2010 settlement of overall revenue from January to May, growth of up to 50%, of which LED single-month revenue is a multiple growth.

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