Recently, Fenix, an internationally renowned manufacturer of flashlights, purchased a set of FS2-2060 flashlight spectrometry systems from Labsphere.

Labsphere's light measurement experts participated in the development of the latest international flashlight measurement standard, ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009. This standard specifies the basic characteristics of directional lighting fixtures such as portable/portable flashlights, spotlights and headlights, and is the latest written standard for flashlight measurement requirements. Therefore, the FS2-2060 has a very well designed design that fully complies with this latest standard.


The FS2 Spectral Flux Measurement System makes it easy to accurately describe spectroscopic radiation, luminosity and chromaticity characteristics under the guidance of conditions, run time and light output measurements. This system provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating the efficiency of LED, halogen, xenon and xenon light sources. Moreover, Labsphere's FFS series of forward flux standard lamps used in conjunction with the system can be traced back to NIST (US Technology Bureau) data, and customers can easily perform on-site calibration.

Mr. Yan Liang, Vice President of Fenix ​​Technology, said, “FS2-2060 solves several major measurement problems that have long plagued us, which will make our measurement data more stable and reliable. In addition, our product test report can be easily approved by foreign merchants in the future. It is convenient for us to further expand the international market and enhance the brand value of the company."

Auto Parking Lamp Bulb

Parking lamp is either of the two smaller lights attached to the front of a car. Parking is one of the cars set alarm function, when the car parked curbside, on the left side of the parking lights flashing all the time, this feature is mainly used to remind the passing vehicles to avoid scratch during the night. European brand vehicles have this function. Many European laws, such as lateral stop by the road, there is no lights at night must open the outer parking lights, so that in the case of low visibility to other vehicles provide the warning role. Most models operate when the car stops and lights out, and then the turn signal comes to the side where the light is needed, and then the car locks the car. There are also some brands of roadside parking lights with special buttons, such as Mercedes-Benz. The power consumption of parking lights is very low, and it will not cause battery loss for a whole night.

Auto Parking Lamp Bulb

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