Cost problem! The Last Half of Final Fantasy 15 Useless World Open from Baidu VR

Although the focus of the promotion of "Final Fantasy 15" has been on the "open world" design, as we have seen, the second half of the game is still a traditional linear RPG process. Different, but recently the game producer Tian Yi Duan also specifically explained this.

He admitted that a large part of this is due to development funding and time constraints. If you want to make "Final Fantasy 15" an open world, the cost and time will be doubled, so he will play The structure is designed to open the world in the first half to leave good memories for the players, and the latter half to promote story development linearly.

Despite this, SE is still preparing a rich follow-up content for Final Fantasy 15 to transform the experience of the second half of the game. It is reported that 70% of the employees of the original production team still continue to develop for the follow-up content.

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