2012: The domestic CAD market is surging In 2012, it was over. In the past year, the domestic CAD market was calm and quiet: There weren’t many eye-catching moves from various manufacturers, and there was no explosive demand in the user market. However, under this placid appearance, the domestic CAD market is actually surging.

This dark tide first reflected in the market structure. For a long time, the domestic CAD market structure has maintained an overall balance - foreign CAD software due to first-mover advantage, still occupying an advantage in the amount of users; and Haochen CAD as the representative of the national CAD software with a high cost, in the The enterprise market has its own place.

However, it is worthy of our attention that this balance has undergone subtle changes, and the CAD software brand headed by Haochen CAD has significantly increased its user focus in 2012, and its market share has steadily increased. In contrast, the market for foreign CAD software vendors has encountered numerous obstacles and has even had to reduce market spending. As the trend continues, even in the personal CAD market, the national CAD software may have a new breakthrough.

In response to this phenomenon, experts in the industry have given such analysis: The change of market structure is not accidental, but is the result of long-term effects of various factors: On the one hand, the performance and ease of use of national CAD software are constantly improving and can be quite considerable. To a large extent, the CAD software in foreign countries is replaced, making the demand for foreign CAD software not as strong as before; on the other hand, due to the advantages of localization, the national CAD software is significantly more cost-effective, personalized, etc. Optimized foreign CAD software, so get more users of all ages.

Another “dark tide” that deserves our attention is the possible change of CAD application mode. Since the birth of CAD software, PC has been used as the main carrier and no major changes have taken place in the application model. However, from the development of the CAD industry in 2012, we have seen some changes in the clues.

This change is more in the direction of collaborative design and cloud computing. Taking Haochen CAD as an example, its GstarCAD MC PRO software has been further developed in terms of collaborative design and other aspects. It uses cloud computing platforms to link various aspects of design and achieve perfect data sharing, enabling related companies and companies. Departments, various design software, and various equipment terminals can work together to improve the overall work efficiency of companies and industries.

We expect that changes in CAD application models will use cloud computing more as a technology implementation method, and use mobile CAD software and cloud CAD services as tools to achieve multi-platform and multi-application collaborative operations, and eventually form a complete CAD application system. Meet the new needs of users for CAD design.


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