NE5539 usage notes

I have heard the NE5539 op amp's extraordinary electrical performance indicators, but will the gain-bandwidth product of up to 1200MHz make it difficult to overcome in

New voice compression codec AMBE2000

Abstract: AMBE2000 is a voice compression / decompression chip with patented technology launched by DVSI. The chip can be used for full-duplex compression and decompression, thereby providing high-quality voice quality with an extremely high compression rate. It introd

TDA2030 power amplifier circuit diagram

TDA2030 is a Hi-Fi amplifier integrated block used in many computer active speakers. It is easy to con

How is the image signal and sound signal of color TV set transmitted and received?

Answer: The image signal and audio signal of c

FM-DV2 dipole antenna

Frequency range 87.5-108MHz

5.1 Link budget

Both uplink and downlink have their own transmit power loss and path fading. In cellular communications, in order to determine the

How to use SDL to develop TD-SCDMA high-level signaling

Abstract: Introduce the UE structure of the TD-SCDMA system and put forward the method of using SDL to develop the TD-SCDMA high-leve

As the audio power output, the electronic tube has excellent music performance, and the transistor plays its own unique role in gain. This article gives a transistor driver and a pha

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