What a driverless car should look like

When it comes to driverless cars, some people are excited about it and some people are worried about it. Some people remain neutral. Although driverless cars can effectively reduce human error and reduce the number of casualties caused by traffic accidents every year,

New quantum dots lead the trend in 2015

2015 is a new beginning. It will be a brand-new challenge for major TV manufacturers. In 2014, Changhong, Samsung, TCL and other famous television manufacturers used their new television to paint a perfect ending for 2014. When people were still immersed in the 2014 res

Zhiqing Qingmang HD box evaluation

ZIVOO Smart I--a newly-emerged company's product has been highlighted in numerous competitors, not how cheap it is, but because it uses Internet thinking to create a better product. Box as its current focus on the product is deeply love