A simple GPS vehicle tracking system


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1. GPS receiver (garmin gps 35), which provides location information of the vehicle

2.gsm module (siemens tc35) for sending sms (text information) to a preset mobile phone

3.ibutton (ds

Low power LED lighting trends

LED lighting applications will begin with three basic input power levels: low power less than or equal to 20W, medium power between 20W and 50W, and high power greater than 50W applications: see Figure 1. Keep in mind that real-world applications don't fit exactly into these three divisions

Unlock BootLoader

What is BootLoader?
BootLoader is a small program that runs before the operating system kernel runs. Through this small program, we can initialize the hardware device and establish a memory space map to bring the system's hardware and software

Satellite navigation knowledge (on)

1. What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?

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The Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed in the United States in the 1970s. It lasted for 20 years and cost 20 billion US dollars. It was ful

Sharp new IGZO technology analysis

Sharp suffered a huge loss in 2011, with a loss of 290 billion yen (about 3.8 billion US dollars) for the whole year, becoming the largest annual loss since the company was founded. In addition to the natural disasters such as earthquakes, it is also related to the shrinking demand for LC