How to choose shock absorber for audio equipment

Everyone should know that audio equipment is afraid of vibration, which will affect the sound quality. Vibration sources that affect audio equipment include drive motors, transformer magnetic induction, and speaker reproduction sound waves. In order to avoid the impact

Tablet PC how to choose embedded memory

With the current maturity of tablet computers, there are more and more applications running on it, and the amount of data that needs to be processed is also increasing. These all put forward higher requirements for the embedded storage used on it. "Integrated Ci

Nokia does not have "Plan B"

Nokia ’s European manager revealed before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Nokia has put all its treasures on the Windows Phone strategy, and there is no “B plan”.

Forbes reported that according to a source from a Nokia partner com

Research on 8-channel TD-LTE system

1 LTE system standard evolution

LTE (Long Term EvoluTIon) is a long-term evolution project of 3GPP, compatible with the current 3G communication system and the evolution of 3G. It has the characteristics of high transmission rate, high transmission quality and

LED lighting solutions in automotive applications

Compared with current automotive interior and exterior lighting solutions, LED lighting has many advantages, such as higher performance, longer life, lower cost, etc. This lighting method also improves the aesthetics and performance of automotive lighting. However, if