A few days ago, the board of directors of Everlight (2393) passed the proposed increase in the issuance of ordinary shares in cash to handle overseas depositary receipts (GDR), and the rough estimate of the amount of funds raised exceeded NT$8 billion.

The number of shares issued by Everlight's cash increase is not more than 85 million shares, and the issue price has not been determined. Ye Weifu, chairman of Everlight, said that the details have not been determined and it is not convenient to expose. Yiguang also pointed out that the fundraising case is to prepare for the possible future development, and everything has not been finalized.

It is reported that Yiguang is the second LED factory to issue GDR after Jingdian. The legal person believes that after the issuance of GDR by Yiguang, the silver bullets in the hands are abundant, and it is possible to start a series of strategic investments with the pace of the crystal.

1. The preformed Strain Clamp is used to connect terminal support, tension support, splice support and support of angle greater than 25°. 2. Users according to the fiber cable diameter, RTS or span selection suitable the aluminium Coated Steel Preformed Strain Clamp . 3. The Preformed Dead End Clamp for ADSS includes: Inner preformed armor rods, outer tension preformed rods, a Thimble Clevis, a clevis, two anchor shackles.

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Preformed Dead End Clamp

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