Nowadays, there are so many different lamps in the market, and the style is very numerous. This decorative table lamp can really add a lot of color to the home.

In order to make the space more layered, the choice of lighting has become very important in the home decoration. Many people attach great importance to the use of chandeliers, spotlights, and floor lamps, but they ignore the choice of table lamps. In fact, although the desk lamps are small, if they are used well, the decorative effect on the home is not small. Moreover, the desk lamp is also very convenient to decorate, just need to reserve a few sockets in the direction of the light source. As for the style and style of the table lamp, it can be decided according to your own preferences and the decoration style of the living room.

Exquisite table lamp

Exquisite table lamp

Exquisite table lamp

Exquisite table lamp

- Overload Protector Power Strip protects electronics from over current damage.

- Power Strip with Individual Switches controls power of each connected electrical devices separately and individually.

- Power bar with main double break switch and Individual Switches as well. USB Ports Power Strip Individual Switches bring you convenient charging solution.

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Individual Switches

Power Strip with Individual Switches, Overload Protector Power Strip, USB Ports Power Strip Individual Switches, Receptacle Outlet with Switches

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