March 19th, sponsored by the internationally renowned financial media "Forbes" Chinese version, Citibank sponsored "Forbes Citi 2010 China Potential Enterprise Investment and Development Forum" and "2010 Forbes China Potential Enterprise, 2009 Forbes China Best Entrepreneurship The Investor Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai today.

Mr. Qi, the chief partner of Safran Fund, Mr. Xiong Xiaoge, founding partner of IDG Capital, Mr. Qiu Zilei, founding partner of Chongde Fund CEO, and Ms. Xu Xin, founding partner of Capital Today, participated in “The Most Investment Value and Development Potential in China Market” Industry opportunities" round-table dialogue.

In his speech, he said that he is optimistic about China's energy industry. "China's consumption of energy is almost never satisfied. I certainly invested in one, and later it was a very good exit and made a lot of money."

But he also pointed out that there are also very big risks in the new energy industry, especially when there are newer technologies. He is worried that many people do not know China's overcapacity in new energy. Among them, in terms of solar power generation, the current industrial investment requires the use of solar energy for more than ten years to recover costs. However, many solar panels installed in China have a life span of only 20 years, and many are useless because they are not perfect for ten years. For example, he said: The locomotives that are currently in Beijing have these solar panels along the way. There is such a thick layer of ash on them. It is for the Olympic Games. Now the power generation efficiency of these solar energy has been reduced. He believes that this actually caused an extreme waste of Chinese energy. This is a very dangerous thing.

When talking about the energy-saving lamp market, he pointed out that China is producing 70% of the world's energy-saving lamps today, but LEDs are few. Although many people have begun to talk about LEDs, there are many factories that make LEDs in China, but LEDs only account for 1% of the entire market, and 99% are energy-saving lamps. When everyone is considering investing in new energy, we should think more about how to save and how to increase the energy consumption rate. China's energy consumption rate is probably the highest in the world, probably about one-third of Japan's, and too much was wasted in Chinese consumption. Fortunately, the technology of China's energy-saving lamps in the field of energy conservation is not only the largest production scale in the world, but also its technology and quality have become the world's leading ones – China has the only one in the world that can fully produce energy-saving lamps. the company.

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