With the improvement of awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, green lighting has become the focus of semiconductor industry. Although LED lighting is the most eye-catching green lighting technology in the future, LED lighting is still difficult to popularize at this stage due to cost and system design constraints. However, countries have announced the elimination schedule of incandescent lamps. What technology can fill this blank period before the large-scale popularization of LED lamps? Chen Zhi, lighting product marketing manager of NXP Greater China, pointed out the super energy-saving lamps at the Green Energy Expert Forum. Will fill the gap before the LED lamp blowout.

Chen Wei pointed out that energy-saving fluorescent lamps (CFL) are the most familiar energy-saving products for consumers. They have been developed for many years. In the case of the same luminous flux, CFL consumes only one-fifth of the energy of incandescent lamps, while the latter is the latter. 8 to 10 times.

However, the reality is that many consumers are dissatisfied with the CFL. The main reason is that the CFL needs warm-up time to reach the highest brightness, and the actual life of the CFL is not as long as the publicity. This is mainly because many energy-saving lamp drive circuits use discrete circuits, and the devices selected by the manufacturers are not uniform, resulting in inconsistent quality of CFL energy-saving lamps. Chen Wei pointed out that in response to these problems, NXP supports the concept of super energy-saving lamps by replacing the traditional discrete circuits with ICs that integrate control and drive circuits.

He pointed out that the benefits of this can be significantly reduced lamp start-up time, support for energy-efficient deep dimming to extend lamp life and increase product cost performance.

At present, countries have launched the incandescent lamp elimination schedule. The main time period is around 2012. At present, the price of a 5W LED bulb is about RMB400. In less than two years, the price will be lowered to the current level. Energy-saving lamps are quite a dozen or so difficult, so during this period, super energy-saving lamps still have room for survival.

Super energy-saving lamps have at least five years of development, and Datapoint Research's research also shows that CFL will have strong development in the next few years. He stressed.

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