The star symbol on the refrigerator indicates the level of storage temperature of the frozen part of the refrigerator, which is a mark of the freezing room temperature of the refrigerator uniformly adopted by international standards. Each star indicates that the storage temperature in the freezer compartment should be below -6 °C, and the storage time of frozen food is one week. Example: Xinfei three-star refrigerator

TOMUU DC Solar Tracker Electric Linear Actuators are a powerful Electric Linear Movement Actuator, designed for Solar Tracker and other industry field. It features high load capability, long lifetime and low power consumption. The adjustable limit cam is convenient for the user to fine-tune the stroke, and moreover, the optical encoder possesses high resolution of stroke  feedback, which is helpful on stroke control. Ball screw or ACME screw threaded spindle is available.

Solar Tracker Linear Electric Actuator UL6 application

Solar Tracker Actuator

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