The first "High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition", which is known as "leading the new trend of global LED lighting product design and application", was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Convention Center in China from August 30th to 31st, 2011. During the exhibition, Gaogong LED reporters conducted an exclusive interview with Yin Jiangang, general manager of the Dazu Laser Professional Industry Development Department, and Chief Engineer Jiang .

In 2011, Han's Laser and Japan Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd. joined forces to jointly develop a new generation of top dicing technology equipment - LED stealth dicing machine. In order to popularize the application of this technology in the LED industry and create higher value for customers, the equipment debuted at the 2011 High-tech LED Boutique Exhibition, the world's first!

“LED invisible dicing technology has three advantages: First, the narrow width of the scribe line can greatly reduce the width of the scribe line, thereby increasing the number of die cuts on a single wafer; second, reducing the production process and reducing the production cost. Jiang Zong, chief engineer of the Dazu Laser Professional Industry Development Division, told the Gaogong LED reporter, "At the same time, compared with the traditional surface dicing technology, the dicing speed has been greatly improved."

Yin Jiangang, general manager of the Dazu Laser Professional Industry Development Division, said that in the background of the 4-inch film and even the 6-inch film will become the mainstream of the industry, this device will become the first choice for wafer production in the LED industry in the next few years. At present, Hamamatsu has licensed the stealth scribe technology (SD) patent to the Han family laser, which is currently the only authorized partner in mainland China.

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