[High-tech LED News] Recently, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. acquired a $3.5 million third-party private placement of shares in Redwood Systems, a US-based Silicon Valley office energy-saving lighting technology venture company, through its US subsidiary, and became the company's major shareholder.

Mitsui & Co. said that this is the first time the company has invested in lighting control. In the context of power shortages in Japan, the smart office market is expected to expand and products are expected to be introduced in Japan.

At present, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., as a shareholder, is committed to providing support in terms of operations. However, if the business is on the right track, it is possible to provide sales support and expand capital contribution to further strengthen the relationship.

It is reported that the technology developed by Redwood is mainly to use the server to comprehensively control the lighting equipment of the office. One of the characteristics is that the power required for illumination is supplied not through a normal power line but through a local area network (LAN) line. Like a personal computer and a copier, each lighting is assigned a "address on the network" - IP address and is individually controlled.

For example, if a small conference room is equipped with multiple lighting fixtures, then at noon the side of the window will become brighter due to daylight. At this time, the technology can be used to control, only reduce the brightness of the illumination lamp near the window, and adjust the overall amount of light to reduce power consumption.

Another feature is that Redwood's servers uniformly convert current from AC to DC. The AC is uniformly converted by the server, and then the DC power is transmitted through the LAN cable. Since the conversion of the individual lighting fixtures is carried out together, the power loss is expected to be greatly reduced. Redwood says it can reduce power losses by up to 75%.

Although the initial installation cost is more than 20% higher than that of fluorescent lighting, due to lower maintenance costs such as electricity and maintenance costs, the initial investment can be recovered in more than 2 years. Currently, Redwood only produces products for the US market, but is also developing products for Europe, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. In addition, we will explore the introduction of products into Japan by changing voltages and obtaining certifications after next year.

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