[High-tech LED News] Taiwan's Guangguang Optoelectronics recently announced that it will issue a cash increase of NT$240 million to meet the public offering of the initial public offering, and issue 24 million shares of common stock at NT$10 per share. Approved by the Financial Supervision and Administration Commission.

The new shares issued in this cash increase will be retained 15% according to Article 267 of the Company Law, and 3.6 million shares will be subscribed by employees. The employees of the company will not subscribe or waive the subscribed shares, and authorize the chairman to subscribe to the specific person; the remaining 85%, With a total of 20.4 million shares, it will abandon the company law regarding the pre-emptive rights of the original shareholders and the new listing requirements for the initial listing of relevant applications, all of which will be offered for public underwriting.

After this capital increase, the amount of paid-up capital of Guangjiao is about NT$5,164 million, divided into 516 million shares, and the denomination of NT$10 per share is a registered common stock.

Peel Mask PCB 

Peel able masks are used in order to protect selected solder holes against plugging during mass soldering or to protect carbon elements and gold plated contacts during mass soldering.  Peel able masks are screen printed.


• The peelable mask must adhere sufficiently well to the PCB so that it does not peel off when handled correctly.
• It must be able to endure a two to three time soldering process without peeling off, but must remain detachable.
•After soldering of the PCB, the peelable mask must be able to be detached – preferably in one piece. In case of metallized holes, no mask 
   residue must be left in the drill holes or on the surface of the PCB. In the case of non-metallized drill holes, however a certain amount of residue 
   can remain.
• The peelable mask must be able to resist conventional solvents such as chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, isopropanol, conventional 
   fluxes and similar.
• Particular requirements: The roughness U of the edge of the mask can be 0,5 mm from the tip to the base (left figure 

Peel Mask Board

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